Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love You - Mom n Dad

I hope we don’t need a Mother’s day or a Father’s day either for writing something about our parents. I can say that- spending some time thinking about our loved ones is the most precious way of spending time. Well..!! I felt like writing some words expressing my love for my parents. If you ask me- ‘Why now?’ I don’t know the answer. I can just say it is my Love for them.

Yes, it is my love towards them that made me write this. I have been through many ups and downs in my Life until now. Be it to getting grades during college days or financial problems in my family, I have been tossed up and down. Mom used to say now and then- “God puts us to test now and then”. I would simply shoot out a question at her, “That OK Mom. But why always?” More than me, it is they who suffered a lot mentally. I used to stay away from home, in a hostel. I never had the chance to know clearly what used to happen at home. I used to spend time with them only when I go home for holidays. Yet! They wouldn’t let me know what they are going through. My brothers won’t even give a clue on the circumstances that are prevailing. My father used to say this always- “Son, you study well. Let me know what you want I will get it for you. Everything is fine here. Keep good health.” Later on I came to know. Mom’s health condition was serious. She had suffered from nervous breakdown. They spilled the beans to me, only after things are under control.

I can understand the difficulties that they have gone through. For whatever I am today or whomsoever I am going to be tomorrow, they are the reason for it. It is due to them, that I am in this position. At one stage of my life, my Dad didn’t have Rs.8000/- to pay for my seat in an Engineering college. Yet, I rode against the tide with their support. I am thankful to them for everything. Once in a while, when I sit down thinking all the incidents that happened in the past, recollecting my childhood days and my teenage life- I cry out my heart inconsolably. I recollect those days only to increase the burning attitude within me to fight against the circumstances. Yes, I have to move on. I know that they don’t expect anything from me. But, it is my responsibility to fulfill their wishes. Our parents give us everything when we are young, which are the budding years of our lives.

By the way, I feel that this is the correct platform to share my most heartfelt moment, three and half years back when I entered Corporate life- it is the day when I got my first salary. Mom is busy in kitchen, cooking some snacks as I came home for vacation. I started taking the currency notes out of my pocket.

Mom: Hey Vijay! You are going to love these. I am making your favorite snacks.
Me: That’s okay Mom. I have something for you.
Mom: What is it Kanna?
Me: Mom. This is my first salary. I am getting this money straight from the ATM.
Mom: That’s fine. But, I thought you would give to Tirupati Lord Balaji .
Me: Mom, I don’t know whether God exists or not. But, I see God in front of me. It is you. You are everything for me.

I handed over the currency notes to her. She looked at the money in astonishment. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. She ran her fingers through my hair and kissed on my forehead. “I love you Kanna”, she said as she hugged me.The happiness I saw in my mother’s eyes that day, meant a lot to me. I would say it is one of the best ever moments of my Life. I can do anything for her, to see that happiness.

My Dad is a source of inspiration to me always. Though a bit short tempered person, he is very good at heart. If he has hundred bucks with him, he used to feed the poor for seventy bucks from it. He used to always insist me on helping others in need. He thought me to face problems in Life boldly. I have never seen fear in his eyes. Whatever may be the situations, he stood against the problems bravely.

Life wouldn’t be that interesting if we don’t go through problems. We have to face the hurdles and enjoy the sweetness after getting the good results. If we want to enjoy success, we have to definitely experience tough times.

Thank you Mom and Dad, for what I am today.
I dedicate this post to my loving family members.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tomorrow Never Dies...!!!

Yes Boss..!! You got it right. A famous blockbuster from the list of James Bond movies. Hold on there.... I am not going to write something related to the movie. I am using only the title of the movie for my post. I wanted to elaborate the essence of the words as they have a lot of meaning into it. So, I am penning down my thoughts on these words.

There are many instances where we postpone things. We just put them aside because of only one thought- I still have time for it. But when we are really free, we don't get reminded of such things. This is a general trend that all of us follow knowingly or unknowingly. We get carried away by our daily schedule and thereby subdue some tasks which are not urgent. Such tasks which are not urgent will be always postponed to tomorrow. And, of course we all know- Tomorrow Never Dies.

A couple of weeks back I got to know the contact number of one of my schoolmates. We were thick friends in school. But, we haven't met after schooling. Recently I came to know that he was working in Canada and got his contact number. As the timings varied, I used to wait until evening to call him. Eventually I'll end up my evening without calling him... :)

Recently in our conversation I mentioned this point. He smiled at me telling- Yes buddy... It happens with me also. The so called postpone syndrome.

Here is another very usual scenario- I was discussing with one of my managers Ganesh, about his onsite stay. I got to know a common fact. More than 75% of the population residing in New York hasn't visited the statue of liberty even once in their lifetime. They have one notion regarding that- We are living in New York only and therefore we can visit the statue of liberty some time or the other. The observation is that- only tourists will be found visiting the statue of liberty, thinking that they may not come to that place in the future.

There are few things which we may miss in our Life due to this postpone syndrome. A couple of weeks back, I went to Peraanmai movie with my colleagues. After watching the movie on the way home, I happened to cross one place. My friend LN and I stopped at that place. I have been thinking of visiting this place since a long time. I have been residing in Chennai since three years. Many a times, the thought of visiting this place ran through my mind. Whenever I go to Central Railway Station for travelling to my native, I pass through that way. I told to LN that by any means I have to witness that. It's the auspicious - Sri Ramakrishna Math. A sense of guilt feeling pricked me as I started entering the place. Guilty because- though I have been in Chennai for about three years that was the first time I was visiting that place. It is the similar case with LN also. He is born and brought up in Chennai. Yet, his visits to this auspicious place are just less than five. It's very noisy outside the temple, due to the huge traffic. The moment I started entering the main hall, the silence killed out the huge amount of noise that was outside. Generally we will be deafened by huge noise but that day I had experienced the other extreme- deafening silence. The peace of mind that you find in that place is invaluable. I would say that it is the best of the best places that I have ever visited.

I would end up writing second part and third part similar to my previous posts, if I go on mentioning such instances.

When it comes to our work- this would definitely pose a threat to our deliverables. We should never, ever postpone things when it comes to work. Of course, we will be screwed if we postpone our deliverables. One thing that I observed as a good habit of carrying out tasks is - proper planning before implementation. If we spend at least ten minutes noting down the list of tasks to be accomplished, we would never end up missing any. Our next point of action should be nailing down the tasks one by one as we move forward.

But, whatever happens or whatever matters- Tomorrow Never Dies :smile:

What more can be done to kill tomorrow…??? Can it be?? I am not that experienced for too many suggestions, to let it happen today……. ;) What more can I do, to let it happen the way I like it??

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One night, when he left Office... Part III

Santosh reported to his onsite project manager. He immediately pitched into his new responsibilities. He didn’t have many acquaintances in the beginning. He used to go out for lunch and coffee, lonely. Having more responsibilities, he didn’t have much time for his personal life. His schedule was very hectic. He was the POC for very important deliverables. He enquired his friends in offshore, about Siri. He didn’t get any positive reply from them. They told him that they didn’t see her at all after he left. It was very hard for Santosh to put aside Siri from his memories. He used to dream about meeting Siri and proposing to her…

Three months down the lane, a sudden and strange thing happened in his life. That incident made an indelible mark in his life. As usual, he left for lunch alone and found a table for two which was empty. He started eating and heard someone calling him-

Excuse Me. Would you mind me, sitting here?

He turned his head and saw ‘his’ girl. He was spell bound. He was not able to believe it. He was out of his senses for a while. Yes!!!! It was Siri. All the memories of her when he was in offshore began circling around his mind. He was into his sub-conscious state. Her appearance was like a bolt out the blue. She stood in front of him like an angel. Siri was talking again-

Excuse me Sir. Can I sit here?

Then he replied- Oh… M Sorry… S.S..Sure. You can sit here. He was still in a state of disbelief. His heart was thumping with joy. Sitting in front of his girl; looking in her eyes; talking to her jovially. All the things fell into place for Santosh finally. He was on cloud nine. She initiated the talk.

Siri (Si): Hi… This is Siri. Your good name please?

Santosh: (Sa): Hi.. I am Santosh.

Si: I have seen you when you were in offshore. I was staying at your residence only. Santosh was looking keen into her eyes. He can see the cheerfulness in her face. He can even see the excitement in her, when she was to talking to him.

Sa: Oh… Is it?? M Surprised to know that. Even, I saw you in office when I was in offshore. Cool….. Since, how long have you been here?

Si: Over three months. With this client just a week back. I am a new recruit to this account. I was working with another client for about three months. I have recently shifted to this place. Apart from my clients I don’t know anyone here. Today, I saw a familiar face and its you…

Sa: Heyyy.. Same with me yaar. I don’t know anyone here. I have been here for three months. But, I know very few people.

Si: Santosh… When I was in offshore, one day I came in the same cab that you have travelled. That was the first time I saw you. That day, you were completely asleep in the cab. We were the last ones to be dropped. As I was staying near your house, I thought of having a small talk with you. I started approaching you, but you looked back and started running to your house.

Sa: Oh…. That is you? I was asleep. I didn’t notice that someone got down from the cab along with me. I wanted to sleep soon and so didn’t bother my surroundings. Suddenly, I saw someone coming behind me. You know what….I thought it was a ghost. I ran to my house and slammed the door…..

Si: Oh… Santosh… They started laughing aloud. They almost blew the roof.Normally, Santosh finishes lunch within twenty minutes. That day, it took one hour fifteen minutes. Both of them were completely absorbed into the conversation and didn’t notice the time. They exchanged their contact numbers and left for work.

Santosh called his offshore friends and informed about his meeting with Siri. They suggested him to tell her about his love as soon as possible. He told that he still needs time. Now as she was a known person to him, he thought that things would be in his favor. He started meeting her now and then and they both realized their frequencies were matching. He started experiencing new flavor in his life. He enjoyed her company. Their intimacy grew day by day. They became thick friends.

It was winter. All the streets were covered with snow. It was a long weekend. Santosh and Siri met in a coffee shop. They were discussing about various topics. Suddenly Siri told these words:

Si: Santosh. Jokes apart. This is something serious. I feel something is missed out in my daily schedule when I don’t meet you. I feel that I am missing something in my Life when you are not with me. I get a feeling that I am with my family members when I spend time with you. I want to share my Life with you. I am in Love with you. Will you marry me?

Santosh was shell shocked. He was trying to reveal the same to Siri since a long time and finally the odds were in his favor.
The girl whom he had searched for a long time;
The girl whom he wanted to share his Life with;
The girl who was like a catalyst to his experiment of Life;
The girl who added flavor to his Life;
The girl whose memories are carved out in his Diary;
The same girl had proposed to him. Hez the happiest person on this world. He immediately hug her. Tears started rolling down from his eyes. He couldn’t stop crying. That was one of the most emotional moments in his Life. He revealed his Love; How he knew her before; What all he had done to catch a glimpse of her. The fact that Santosh was also loving her, had touched the emotional chords of her heart. Siri also broke down. They both were inconsolable. After getting consent from their family members, they got married.

One day, Santosh is working late night at home. Siri asked him what is pulling him so long. Then he smiled at her and replied- I am writing in my blog, about our love….. We shall gift these memories to our sweet little daughter Mittu, on her fifth birthday.

Disclaimer:The characters presented in these posts are completely imaginary. It is purely coincidental if it matches any ones lives. Thanks for your time here and do give your feedback in the comments…

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One night, when he left Office.... Part II

Santosh looked back and was surprised. He shook his sleepy head and saw a white figure coming towards him. Oh… My….God…!!! Being an introvert, he is also afraid of devils. Though he was agnostic towards ghosts, yet his fear knew no bounds. His nerves were trembling. He can feel the pressure of the adrenaline in his veins. He ran towards his house which is at the end of that lane and shut the front door with a big bang. He didn’t dare to peep through the window. He immediately hit the bed and shut his eyes very tightly. The next day he woke up normally and didn’t dare to share the incident with his office buddies or roomies. He digested that incident within him. He just thought- Enough is enough..!! I won’t discuss this with anyone.

Days seem to pass very fast. Thoughts about Siri became a part and parcel of his daily schedule. One fine day, he got his H1 VISA stamped. Having contributed much to his client he was asked to travel for an onsite work. His offshore leads never had a second thought at him. His travel was confirmed and he needs to travel to US within a week. He informed to his office buddies about his onsite assignment. They cheered him and planned for a treat, before Santosh escapes to US. Two of his friends LN and Mahendra noticed tears in Santosh’s eyes as they were cheering him. They asked him why he was sad.

Frens: Hey Santosh! Come on yar. Why you are dull? You have been waiting for your H1 since a long time. Finally you hit it. Now, suddenly whatz wrong with you?
Guyz, its all about Siri. You all know that I love her. I will be going to US and I won’t find a chance to look her from now on.
Easy buddy. We understand your concern. But if you really love her, express it. Talk to her. Just sort it out. You can’t stay like this looking at her daily and comeon dude… you are the most eligible person to her. She will definitely like you.
I don’t want to spill the beans at this point of time. I can’t bear the pain, if she rejects me. I need to some time to make up my mind.
Frens: Its’s all over now Santosh. You have to talk to her before you go to US and tell her about your Love.

Two more days to go for the onsite travel. Santosh hasn’t yet talked to Siri. Working in second shift, he is not able to catch her before she left office. He didn’t see her in office that day. Even his friends had no clue regarding her.

The last day in office before the onsite travel, he talked to all his leads and friends. He waited for her to come along the way he used to see her daily. He spent almost the whole day waiting to see her. To his disappointment, she didn’t come to office even that day also. Having gathered all his courage to propose to Siri, Santosh felt very depressed. His friends consoled him that he will meet her some day or the other. He partied with his friends in one of the lavish pubs in Chennai, packed up his baggage. He checked into the airport and was waiting for his flight’s arrival. The thoughts about Siri were ringing in his mind- What happened to Siri? Why did she stop coming to office all of a sudden? Did she get released/ transferred? Did she resign from the job? Oh my God! Please find her for me….. Plzzz

To be continued….

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One night, when he left Office.... Part I

Santosh is a very hard working person. He is the topper of his training batch. Committed to work during most part of the day, he is working with one of the most reputed software companies. He is working for a client based out of Middletown, located in Connecticut an eastern state of US. He is a bit introvert. He didn't hang out with freinds whenever possible. Hmmm, its quite rare to find such persons now a days. Neverthless there are a few near our bay, in office.

He works in second shift according to the client requirement to support until 12noon EST. He daily goes to office by two in the afternoon. He would return home at around eleven in the night. He can reach home early, if he catches the first cab which is at 10:30PM. Being an introvert he is not having much friends in office. He always moves around with Anil, Rajesh and Raju who are his close freinds. One day the fabulous four are having a discussion regarding salary hike during their coffee break. Suddenly as there are talking, Santosh's eyes caught the image of a girl who is damn good. He is spellbound, while the others are still buried in the discussion. Immediately Anil noticed Santosh and shook him. Santosh told them that he wanted to marry such a girl and showed her. He pleaded his friends to find out her whereabouts. His friends, pulled his legs singing- Love at first sight...!!

He started looking at her daily in office. He came to know that she is a lateral entrant. His friends reported that she is a nice person and doesn't hang around often. The final testament is that she is not having a boy friend. Listening to his freinds, Santosh's heart is thumping with joy. Her name is Siri. From then on when the fab four met, their topic of discussion is one and only Siri. Santosh's thoughts from then on, are always attached to Siri. Ofcourse he is in love with her. He wants to talk to her but, he is so shy. He is afraid that if she rejects him he will loose his soul mate. He didn't want to spoil the party by spilling the beans very early. Whereas Anil and Rajesh are always pressurising him. They tell him all the well known proverbs- Its now or never and inturn santosh replies to them- Better late than never. This is how the battle continued between him and his freinds. He collected all her details- family, education, her nature, project and what not. To say colloquially, he got to know A to Z regarding her. He tuned his mind that he is going to share his life with her. Days rolled by. Santosh is progressing well in his job life. He received many appreciations from his client. He even received the coveted- Best Performer of the Year award. But, there is always someone bothering him. Yes, its Siri.

One night he had lot of deliverables to be submitted and thereby he got into 11:30PM cab. There are hardly any folks waiting for the cabs. Many people might have left early that day, as it is Friday. Finally the cab co-ordinator allocated a Travera and it started from the office within five minutes. There are five members in the cab. Santosh hardly saw their faces. His eye lids are forcing him to close his eyes. So, he is just managing a nap. He is not bothering about other members in the cab. Three members have got down after some time. Its 12 midnight, when he just managed to give a look at his watch. He is so much tired that he didn't even notice the other person who got down along with him from the cab. The cab driver dropped them on the main road, since their street is very narrow for the cab to fit in.

To be continued....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Chinnu !!!


Days have rolled by and months have passed by, since day one when I met you;

Destiny has made our relationship remain as fresh as a budding flower;

A flower in its budding stage, fights for strength from the rays of the Sun;

A student in learning stage thrives for knowledge from teachers;

Similarly our friendship is picking up strength day by day;

May this day bring you more joy into your Life;

A joy that redefines your personality;

A joy that strengthens your relations with your well wishers;

A joy that unites all your positiveness within you to thrash away your weakness;

I wish you the best results in your future endeavors;

I wish you to be the best at your health in the years to come;

I wish you all the happiness that you have been waiting for;

I wish and pray to God for the utmost strength in your tough times;

I pray to God that all your wishes get fulfilled in the days to come;

You are there to comfort me when I am sad;

You are there for me to share my happy moments;

You shared with me your sad moments;

You have been and you are an inspiration to me;

You are a friend, a philosopher and a guide to me;

You are the one of the persons who grabbed some important portion of my 'Diary' of Life;

It's an orthodox way to just wish you with a hand shake and load your mouth with a piece of cake;

I wanted to spend some time thinking about you and write few lines that can make an attempt to touch your heart;

Few lines that fill in some encouragement on this auspicious day;

Few lines that brings a smile on your face;

Few lines that increase the flow of your adrenaline;

Few lines that adds value to our friendship;

Few lines that would add flavor to our relationship;

Yours Ever- Very Jovial >> VJ <<

NB: I have been waiting to publish this post since three weeks, for this auspicious day. I am thankful to God for gifting me such a friend who opened my mind to bring out this post. As mentioned, I thought of giving this pleasant surprise to Chinnu on this day (19th Sep).

Disclaimer: Readers! Please write down your wishes (in the comments) to Chinnu, irrespective of the day you read this post. Thanks in advance Readers...!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The pain of Separation

There are some people in our lives who are part of our day to day activities. It may be office spouse; our boss; friends; parents; lover etc... We converse with them daily and in a way they influence our lives. We may not feel their importance when we are with them daily. We begin to feel the pinch when we don't interact with them for at least one day. We miss them very badly. They are in away absorbed into our diary and definitely occupy some part of it.

When a soldier leaves his family on duty, it’s very hard for his family to digest the fact that he is going to stay away from them. They know that he is going to fight with danger, yet it is his responsibility. Their feeling of separation is subdued by the thought, that he is putting his life at stake for the sake of our country.

When two lovers are separated from each other, the pain they experience is inexplicable. Though they are separated, they always think about each other. Their hearts are tied with the bond of Love. You can never eliminate each other from their thoughts. They leave an indelible mark in each other lives.

When a child goes for higher education to a distant place, its hard for the mother to bear the pain of separation. Though they are separated temporarily, each others company can never be replaced. A mother is the best company for a child and vice-verse. Knowing that her child is going for a better future, the mother digests the feeling of separation.

I have been acquainted with two persons who are a part and parcel of my daily life. I converse with them daily before going to office. Later, when I come back from my office they are there for me to shed away my office burden by sharing some light moments. Yes, they are my roomies- Sandy and Chaitu. I started realizing their importance first, when Sandy told me suddenly that he got transferred to Hyderabad. Later after some point of time Chaitu informed me that he is also going to get transferred to Hyd. Oh my God! What is this? Why is it happening all of a sudden? I felt sick, realising the fact that after few days they won’t be there to share some light moments. The feeling of separation, started pinching me.

Couple of months back when I was released from my project, I had a conversation with my on- site business counterpart- Cindy.

Cindy: Vijay! Its hard for me to digest the fact that you are released from our domain. I am very sad.

Me: I am also sad to leave you Cindy.... Anyways, they would appoint someone to replace me.

Cindy: Persons may come and go Vijay. But, its hard to build relationship. You have been doing good until now. I never know whoz gonna come but I am gonna miss you.

I had memorable time with these friends. Those dinners in restaurants; mid night B’day celebrations; playing on the seashore ; shouting in the room while watching cricket matches; hanging around in shopping malls and movie theatres... blah..... blah.... We have been together for about two years. All of a sudden, its happening for me. All those wonderful moments are going to be stolen from my dairy. To reiterate Cindy’s words; though I may be acquainted with new persons, no one can replace these two friends.

Sandy and Chaitu- You are like my two eyes. I remember telling you these words. I am very sad that our memories going to be thrown to the warehouse. I am going to miss you a lot. I wish you all the best on your next assignments.

I dedicate this post to you folks...!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Change is what we need....

Its surprising to hear that $1500 bn of black money from India is lying out there in the Swiss banks. I have no words to express, the moment I heard this news. This shows the level of corruption that is running around the current system that we have in India. I really don't know if the flaw is within the system or within us. We, the people of India have to realize the current situation. Itseems that this is nearly ten times the annual budget of India.

The questions that are lingering at this point of time are- How is that much money flowing out of India illegally? Who are the persons, escaping from the clutches of the tax system? Can Indian government bring home that money? Well, these seem to be billion dollar questions for the billion dollar amount.

Its interesting to know that people are very well aware of the level of corruption that is prevailing. Now and then people from film industry come up with movies which are thought provoking. We see movies that expose the government officials who are very much corrupted. Some movies depict the rich exploiting the poor; some showing the rich storing black money out of the country. Yes, we can go on and on like that. People just watch the movie and come out. An Aparichithudu (Anniyan), a Sivaji, a Tagore, a Stalin and the latest one to do the rounds is Mallanna (Kanthaswamy)- I can guarantee that if there are hundreds of such movies going to come in the future, the situation is not going to change. In one of these movies, we come to know how developed are Hiroshima and Nagasaki today. Be it economy, education, infrastructure, industrial etc, they are far developed than India currently.

Is it the system that is to be changed or is it 'we' the people of India who needs to change? Well, this an open ended question. There are three aspects of change- Culture, People, Processes. These three are interdependent as shown below:

Finally, these are the questions that need to be answered;

What aspects of change need to be taken care?

Up to what extent these aspects needs to be mended?

How this is going to be achieved?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Innovation at its peak- Bay Decoration Contest for Aug 15th

Context: Aug 15- Independence Day
Theme: India in 2020
Team: LN, VJ, Anu, Balaji, Suha, Vidya
Team Name: TN 74 A 2020

To start with, there is an old saying: It is better to fail in originality rather than to get success through imitation. We had a bay decoration contest with the theme as depicting India, in 2020. This seems to be a good concept to decorate our bays for Independence day. Thanks to the talent management folks for conducting this event. Well, to reiterate the proverb- we didn't want to decorate the bay in a normal fashion. We thought of mixing the context to the theme. We started brain storming around the theme and many ideas hit our minds. And, the credit goes to LN. He suggested for the design of mobile work station. The innovation started while coining the team name itself. It is TN 74 A 2020.

TN 74 A 2020
TN- Tamil Nadu
74- In the year 2020, India celebrates 74th Independence Day
A- Aetna (Name of our Account, which is a Health care giant in US)
2020- The year

Mobile Workstation erases the concept of onsite and offshore model. It is the highest level of business transformation in corporate India. People won't need to go to a separate place and work. Of course, we see this concept in US currently. The idea is to depict the advanced level of living, in India. The so called mobile work station encompasses all the things that you need for living and working. The number plate, headlights, indicator lights would be greeting the people. We took out the front parts of table fan and to make our work station mobile (i.e.) the wheels. The interesting and exciting part is the various things that are found in the bay. To depict the development of India in 2020, we pasted news papers and pictures on the walls.

>A drawing on chart, showing India and Pakistan united. It contains a map wherein India and Pakistan are united into a single country named Youngistan.
>An advertisement from government, recruiting young professionals into politics. Qualifications- Any bachelor's degree from a reputed university with minimum age 24 and retirement age at 52. The screening process will include a written test followed by an interview. Vision for India- to be telecasted live on Doordarshan. Performance compensation and more details awaited.
>Abdul Kalam- The UN Secretary General wishes the people of Youngistan, on their 74th Independence Day.
>Lakshmi Narayanan (Current Cognizant Vice Chairman), the president of Youngistan to deliver the Independence Day speech from 8AM.
>Nandan Nilekani,the prime minister of Youngistan takes two more young professionals into the cabinet.
>A chart showing currency conversion rate as heading and a silver screen. What's behind the silver screen? Oh my GOD!! $10 note = Rs.10 note
>Secularism- There no question of Secularism in 2020. There is no more caste and religion. A day before the Independence Day, Nilekani’s government abolishes caste system. We are all one and we are will be one. There is only unity and no diversity.
>Sachin lifts the 10- 10 world cup. He scores a 50 in the final. He plans to open innings, with his son Arjun in the next match. Rahul Dravid, Youngistan's coach applauds the team members on winning the 10-10 World Cup.
>India surges ahead of other developed nations. Allocations to health care and primary education to be 40% of GDP.
>Bharti and Nokia launch new service for people holding National ID Card. Pay through Nokia micro-touch watch and get 2000 minutes top up absolutely free.

Equipment in the mobile work station
>Micro touch Television (Monitor)
>Radar (Made out of chart)
>Multipurpose Door (An almirah) alias Bed O’Corner - Contains racks, pillow, bed for sleeping; >Oxygen Supplier; Heater; Cooler; RTM- Room Temperature Maintainer.
>Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Tablets (Dusters wrapped up with decoration papers)- Each have difference in variation of the energy output when eaten.
>Fluid Tap (Mouse is left hanging)- Left Click for soft drink; Right click for hot drink; scroller for water.
>Projector Screen (Curtain)
>Laser Projector (Dog Doll)- Indicates the improvement of technology, that the systems have become too compact. This redefines the concept of nano technology in the products that we use daily.
>Owen; Refrigerator; Wardrobe; Storage Space; Power back up; Solar Energy Saver; Emergency Exit.

And, here are the features of our mobile work station controller (the printer):
20,000 CC
Intake is air; generates water
Solar driven for back up
15 gears
Pick up: 0 to 120km in 3seconds
Automatic Climate Controller
Maximum Speed on road is 300kmph
Maximum Speed on air is 900kmph
Maximum Speed on water is 200kmph
1000KW Backup

We have stuck some extracts from newspapers.
THE TIMES OF TAMILNADU May15, 2015- Vikram’s son eagerly awaiting the release of Kandhaswamy
THE HINDU Nov28, 2018- Literacy Rate in India is at 99.95%
THE TIMES OF TAMILNADU Dec25, 2019- The BRTS between Tirumailai and Velachery is inaugurated (BRTS- Boat Route Transport System. Velachery is a place in Chennai which gets easily flooded, whenever there is a rainfall.)
THE TIMES OF HYDERABAD Jan26, 2020- Vijay Kanamarlapudi elected as Chief Minister of Hyderabad ( Oh my God!! LN is too crazy. He made me the chief minister of Hyderabad in 2020. Here the concept is- People in Telangana region of AP are fighting for a separate state. So, in 2018 Telangana will be announced as a separate state. In 2020, Hyderabad also will be announced as a separate state.)
IT CHRONICLE May2, 2020- Cognizant head count reaches 2.5 lakhs.

Disclaimer: All the pictures displayed are purely not intentional. It’s not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

When the judges came to visit our bay, they were spell bound listening to our concept. If decoration is one stage, the way we presented to the judges is another step. Here again credit goes to LN, who leaded our team with his astounding presentation.

And, guess what…. We have won the second prize…!!!

Here are some pictures that I have managed to capture, before everything is plucked out... :)

Monday, July 27, 2009


First Relative In Every New Difficulty

This sounds to be a familiar definition of a friend. Yes, it seems to be very true way of defining it. A very special relationship that holds many of us in our lives. There is no one on this earth without a friend. Knowingly or unknowingly friends influence our Life. It is due to them, that we are in the current situation. We share many of our personal experiences (either good or bad) with them and pull them to our comfort zones. They make an indelible mark in our diaries.

Friends add color to our Life and thereby enhance the beauty in it.

Friends pour in enthusiasm when we are alone.

Friends give a value add to our very presence.

Friends give us strength when we are experiencing crests in Life.

Friends add flavour to the atmosphere that we are in.

Friends share with us, our happiest moments.

Friends digest with us, our sad moments.

Friends are like a catalyst to enhance our performance in career.

Friends are like lifelines when we have no options.

I would say that friendship is a gift given by God to make our life beautiful. Imagine yourself without friends- I know that the very thought is disgusting. If there are some persons whom we can't erase from our lives, (apart from our family members) definitely it is our friends. As years roll by, we may get in touch with new people always. But, if we sit and look back at the years passed by, we feel very happy about the sweet memories. The memorable school days, college days can never be replaced by any other best chapters in our life. When we enter into corporate field, the days during our training are also interesting. Those training days are the best ones in our career through our job.

One more important thing is that we should accept our friends 'as they are'. Its very important in strengthening the relationship and to avoid any misunderstanding.

To those who supported me in need;
To those who held out their hand at me when I am down;
To those who encouraged me when I am disgusted;
To those whom I shared with, my sorrows;
To those who helped to shape my career;
To those who laid the foundation to my success stories;
To those who are emotionally close to my heart;
To those who are in some way responsible for what I am today - I dedicate this post you. I wish all my Friends a very Happy Friendship Day.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Marriage.... Before and After

Marriage - A social union of individuals that creates kinship. This is what the Wikipedia says.

We hear different definitions from people when we ask them about marriage. Some, who are married say that it is a part of life where we experience hell; some say that it is interesting part of life; some say that it is a relationship that binds a boy and a girl to.... blah.. blah. Well, these versions are all one side of the coin. The other side- those who are not married. These people say that it is the part of life that is yet to be explored; some say that it is a promotion from one stage of the life to another stage; a burden that draws comfort zone around an individual. It all depends on how people perceive it. Be it a love marriage or an arranged one, it is up to the individuals how they take it. All of us at one stage of the life will go through this transformation. I would say that it is a transformation that changes the life or lifestyle of a person.

Most of us tend to be very easy going before marriage. It is because; we depend on our parents mostly until our studies. When once we enter into job life, we start thinking differently. We start coming out of the comfort zones to explore life. Yes, it is during the time when we are independent.

When people get married, they change their thinking and by the way they change their life. I see people more reserved, after they are married. Until then, they will be so jovial and easy going. All of a sudden things start changing for them. They start behaving in a different manner. They don't accompany us for breaks, during office hours. They don't join us for lunch. They don't involve much in the gossips. They start developing a boundary around them. They don't seem to care for what is happening around them. And yes, they don't join us for the weekly movie outings and for hang around places. Yes, I understand that they need to spend time with their family. But, it should not isolate from doing other normal stuff.

Is marriage a barrier to an important relationship called friendship? I don't think so. I don't want it to be like that. I don't want my friends to be like that. I don't want my friendship to be weakend due to marriage. I want my friends to be the same with me as they are before. After all, marriage is just a part of Life and it should be digested along with all the other relationships.
Yes, I agree that marriage adds color to our lives. But, it shouldn't be at the cost of relations with friends.

Finally, a tid bit regarding marriage-

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yet, its not done...!

"Life is a stage where everyone has a role to play", as said by Shakespeare and there goes the name of the blog. Its pretty surprising to see things around us changing very soon. Three years after my graduation when I look back, I have lot of stuff to carry throughout my life. We never know what is going to happen. We expect to do something and sometimes land up in doing something else.

Four years back I have attended an interview, for a job in an MNC. The person who recruited me asked only one question- "Tell me about yourself!" Well I told him about me, for about half an hour. I have faced the person with an open mind. The result is that I am one of the best performers. I didn't even imagine that I can get an eligibility to earn my bread and butter by one question. All through my graduation, I have gone through many downs. The only ups that I have, are the appreciation certificates that I received on the college annual day. A thought that is always ringing in my mind is- Whatever happens will happen. I am destined to this role. I have to give my best.

I have entered the MNC with a closed mind. I am trained on a technology which is completely unknown to me. Yet, I have learned it without much difficulty. Hey, its Mainframes. Two months of training is like playing a game. Its one of the best trainings I have ever attended. I can say that those days can be put into my store of 'Happy Days'. I am put into an application oriented testing project after my training. In the project, I am not applying the knowledge that I have gained in training. " What is the need? Why am I trained on this technology? Why did you put me into an application oriented project? First of all, Can you out me into a Data Warehousing project?"- These are the questions running through my mind. I wanted to shout at my project lead. I have come to a point of realisation. Man proposes but God disposes. I have to accept the reality and move on.

Nine months down the lane, I came to know that there are never ending releases for the project that I am working on. Finally I had a conversation with my project load regarding my work. I asked him to release me from that project and allocate me some other project where I can do some innovative stuff. Its literally like the climax conversation in the movie Bommarillu. Believe me, I repeated almost the similar dialogues in my context. The final result is that they didn't want to release me form that project. Their decision is against my thoughts. Oh God! What is this? Why is this happening to me? If this is your decision, then I abide by it. But, give me the strength and courage to undergo this.

After few weeks I felt like- God sees the truth but waits. My prayers are heard and my project lead and manager proposed me to the client, for a new role. Its the Business Analyst role. My Lead, told me that is will be different from what folks do in development and testing. I thought that it will be better that I take up the offer so as to come out of the current as soon as possible. Finally I started working as a Business Analyst till date. By the time I am writing this blog, I am done with my second allocation as a B.A. Now I am waiting for my third allocation. I know that there is lot more in store for me. Lets wait and see what's going to happen.

What am I graduated in? - Electrical Engineering
Where am I working?- With an software MNC
What am I trained on?- Mainframes
What is my first allocation after training?- Application oriented testing
What is the nature of my current work?- Business Analyst role

Looking at the five questions that are listed above, I don't think you see any relation between each of the answers. Each and every answer is in some way different from the other. At the time of writing this blog, I felt like Shakespeare's saying has a lot of meaning into it. This is my realization: We may not get everything that we want in Life. But whatever we do and wherever we are, we have to give our best. We can't halt at one stage and worry about what has happened. We have to move on, until we reach our destination.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

When I met her.... Part II

Yes, someone among the girls has named me MP. They are saying MP means Member of Parliament. I know these girls are making fun of me. I very well know that there is something behind that name. MP doesn't stand for Member of Parliament. Swetha is the culprit here. She is the person who named me MP. MP stands for Mudha Pappu. Here is the back ground behind the name. Swetha has explained the reason behind the name. - One day I have visited my friend's house in order to get lab record from him. I am returning from to my house after taking the record. Its noon and the sun is shining very brightly over my head. I am in a hurry to escape the scorching sun. In the same street, I haven't noticed one of my 'friend' who is just returning home from college. I haven't even looked at that person and hurried to my house. There is something running in my mind. Just before that in college, my physics lecturer warned me for not performing well in the lab. That is the reason why I visited one of my friend in order to get suggestions, to perform well in lab. I didn't know that I have to face serious consequences due to this incident.
Here is the consequence. The person whom I have encountered in the street, is Swetha. She is returning home from college. It seems that she has noticed me and tried to talk to me. Its bad on my part for not even looking at her. She is literally jumping on me when she is narrating the incident.
Swetha: Look Vijay! We have been studying in the same class. After all we are friends and we know each other. What's wrong if you talk to me when we meet outside the college? Well, even if you don't talk, I would have felt better if you have just looked at me and given a smile. I felt very bad at that time. You didn't even care about me. Why do you boyz behave like this? Don't you value others feelings?
Me: Come on Swetha. There is something missing out here. I didn't know that you are coming the other way. I haven't noticed you. I was completely disturbed at that time and was thinking about something else. I went to Madan's house and discussed with him regarding lab proceedings. I faced serious scolding from our physics lecturer. If I have noticed you, I would have definitely talked to you for a while. And, please don't misunderstand that boys don't value others feelings. You are thinking very narrowly. Be positive. This is not the way you think. Anyways, as I haven't noticed you- its my mistake on the board. I am sorry if I have hurt you, that day.
This is the discussion between me and Swetha. Do you call this a fitting reply to a fitting question? Whatever it may be, the bottom line is that I seemed to be very much disturbed for becoming a laughing stock. I would rather say that I am acting as if I have felt very bad at the comment. By the way what is meant by this word Mudha Pappu.You might have by now, got the meaning of this word. Mudha Pappu- One who doesn't talk to a girl. This is how the girls defined MP. From then on, I didn't involve much in the party. I am sitting lonely in the back bench not caring about what is happening in the party. I have noticed that a few are observing me. Swetha is one among those. After ten minutes, I started to leave. Swetha noticed me leaving. She is coming running towards me. She is apologising for naming me MP. Well, its all part of a game and we have to move on. My answer is as simple as that- 'Its okay'. I didn't pay much interest to what Swetha is telling. I have left the party abruptly.
From then on, I have started avoiding Swetha. I didn't even turn my face towards her while entering the class room. She is seated just in front of the door, in the first bench. Whatever she has told me I began doing the same. This is the aftermath of what has happened on the day of the party. Believe me, I am furious for what she has named me. I am talking to all the other girls in the class doing the lab hours or during break time. I didn't talk to Swetha at all. This happened for a week. I came to know that she wants to talk to me one on one. But, I didn't give her a chance. I am always hanging on with someone or the other in the classroom. I am not giving her a chance to find me alone. One fine day, I am rushing downstairs to the canteen for my breakfast. I am all alone. She came running behind me, along with her bench mate. She shouted my name- Vijay.
Swetha: Vijay! I am sorry for two things. One- for naming you MP. I didn't mean to hurt you. It's just a matter of misunderstanding. I deeply apologise for that. You seem to be avoiding me now a days due to that. Please be as usual. We both are good friends rite? Come on, I don't want you to be disturbed due to all this. Second- I have entered into your area in 'Programming in C' lab without your knowledge and have written a program. The program name is 'SW.EXE' Run this program when you go to C lab.
Me: That's OK Swetha. I understand that. I left all this stuff on that day itself. Of course, we are good friends.
All of us are supposed to create an account and start writing the computer programs in C language according to the syllabus. We are supposed to write the programs in a stipulated time and execute them successfully. I entered into the Computer Science lab and logged into my area. The latest program that is written is SW.EXE. It read like this:
I felt a sense of pleasant feeling running through my veins. She is very innocent, soft,cute and a clever girl. Yes, she is my first crush.

Monday, June 8, 2009

When I met her.... Part I

It is the first year of my graduation. Just a couple of months have passed on from the college reopening day. We are just about to be buried in the seriousness of the engineering subjects. It's totally a new atmosphere. New friends, new environment, new classrooms, new subjects and totally a new life. We are just tuning to the frequency of the engineering life. By then, I am acquainted with at least half our class members. Or, I would rather say half of the boys in our class.

Oh! I forgot to say this- Stepping into graduation, I have entered into another new experience. It's the co-education. I haven't studied with girls until my plus two. I really didn't know how to react, if any girl talks to me. Getting acquainted with a girl is a tough thing for me. I have never talked to any of them for about two months. Ahh... We have the so called labs- Physics lab; Chemistry lab; Computer Science lab etc. In those labs people are divided into groups. Each group is asked to work on a single experiment. Yes, during that period I have started talking to them slowly.

Well, within few weeks I came to know a few of them. Within due course of time I am acquainted with each and everyone in the classroom (boys and girls). In the beginning, there is no interaction between boys and girls. Later on as the days rolled by, the class would be a fish market if the lecturer is absent. Believe me, it is worse than a fish market. We are asked to sit according to our roll numbers due to miscellaneous reasons. Moreover boys and girls are seated separately. My place is next to girls' column. We are going to celebrate the birthday of one of our friend. Nine of the girls and fifteen of the boys agreed to stay back on Saturday. Hey, don't forget me. I am one among the fifteen boys. Here comes the meeting place.

Saturday classes seem to be very boring. We are all waiting for the first birthday gathering, in our graduation. It has been decided to celebrate in the class room itself, after the college hours. The time has come. Those who wanted to leave home have vacated the room. It is Shravan's (name changed) day. Shravan is blowing the candles on the cake with a lot of enthusiasm. He distributed the pieces of cake. We are having the snacks that we have ordered along with the cake. People are having fun, cracking jokes on others, belittling the lecturers in the college. One of us asked the birth dates of all the other girls present there. In turn, they are asking our birth dates. Finally, Shravan prepared a list of DOB's of the girls and among the girls, She noted all the DOB's of the boys.

Her name is Swetha (name changed). I didn't speak with her one on one until now. Taking the list from Swetha, I am reading out all the dates. Suddenly I noticed that my name is missed out. May 18th is my birth date. Then I have come to know that none of the others DOB is same as mine. I can see May18th in the list, but there is a different name written against it. I have sensed something fishy is happening. Swetha has written MP against May18th.

Swetha! You are the one who noted the names rite.
Yes Vijay.
What is this MP, buddy? May 18th is my DOB. Is there someone by the name MP. I think you have missed out my name.
No. I know that May18th is your birth day. You are MP.
Come on. What do you mean by that. Is there a nick name for me? What does it stand for?
All the other girls in the class suddenly burst into laughter. Oh yeah! Here is the solution. These folks are hiding something.

To be continued in Part II.... Stay glued for the main episode...