Sunday, May 8, 2011


The first person on this earth whom we are all fond of, in our lives.
The most precious relationship on this earth that we have. Many a times in our conversation with
our friends,relatives, colleagues- we tell them: My mother used to prepare this for me... ; My mother
taught me this one.... ; My mother told me that.... and it goes on and on.

Frankly speaking, she is the living God in our lives. This has come up in my earlier blogs and FB status and make it a point again:
We never know whether God exists or not; we have never seen God; its just our belief in God that makes us feel we are protected always.
But, we have 'God' in our lives whom we can see; whom we talk to; whom we share our happy or sad moments; whom we are indebted for life long- that 'God' is our Mother.
Days may come and days may go; years may come and years may go- but the love our Mother shows towards us always beats any relationship that we come across in our lives.

Having said all these things, I would like to recall and share my personal experience regarding my Mother.
Once upon a time when I was in secondary school, my mother has suffered a nervous breakdown due to our financial situation. She has gone thorough very tough times and that was the time, when my family hid the facts as to what is happening at home. The only reason is that I would be completely offset if I knew the situation (as I used to study in a boarding school) I came to know from my family later on that her health condition was in a bad state. I was even told that its hard to believe that she can come back to normal stage. Its her love towards my family that brought her back to us.
She is the person who made me realize what life is.
She is the person who taught me the meaning of responsibility.
She is the person who changed my way of thinking and attitude towards various things.
She is the person who has sacrificed everything for the well being of our family.
She is the driving force behind me who keeps me moving forward.
She is the reason for what I am today.

I know there is lot for me to achieve and lot to experience. When I become successful one day- I would tell everyone that my Mother is the person behind my success.

According to Hindu religion, there is a belief that though we die our soul will be active and we will be reborn (And, this will happen six times). If ever, I have next birth I wish to be born again to my Mom.

Writing this note with tears in my eyes, remembering all the hardships she has been through for my well being.

Love you Mom.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 <> 2011

A note that I shared in facebook on the morning of Dec31st 2010. Yes... New year wishes...!!!

An yr where I entered into an era of new work life ;
An yr that gave new hopes in my life;
An yr that provided lot of exp and realisation;
An yr that put me in various emotional situations;
An yr that gave a value add to my career;
An yr that shaped the career of many of my friends and well wishers;
An yr where I witnessed many events both in personal life and professional life;
An yr that will go down with golden memories in history of my so called diary of LIFE.

The time has come to say good bye to 2010 and simultaneously an eventful decade where I have many ups and downs.
Before the sun sets down on the last day of a promising year 2010, let me wish all of you a very happy 2011.
Let us welcome a new decade and a new year as the curtains raise for an adventurous life ahead for all of us.