Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love has its own date with destiny

He finished answering all his questions. Before clicking the submit button, he prayed to God and thought of his parents for a while. Santosh had been preparing for that exam since a long time. He waited a long time In order to gain experience in corporate field and finally he took the exam. Yes…. Obviously it is GMAT. He aspired to get post graduation in business management from any of the reputed universities in international level. Finally the so called D-day came and he attempted the exam. He had waited and worked hard to get a good score. He hit the submit button, remembering all the work that went into that. Yes… To his expectation, he scored 740 out of 800. His heart was thumping with joy. That was the best ever score that he achieved among all his mock tests. He came out of the test center and shouted very loudly….. “Hurray! I have made it. Thank You Mom and Dad for being with me.” He immediately called his parents and conveyed the result. He applied for LBS (London Business School- London) and ISB (Indian School of Business-Hyderabad). Those are the only two business schools where he aspired to complete his post graduation in business management.

He was really rocking. His academic background added weight to his GMAT score as he excelled well. He got a call from both LBS and ISB. He decided to join LBS and finally he entered into the first class of his post graduation. As usual he began exploring new things and learnt many principles in both MBA and personal life. To his disappointment, Santosh was the only Indian in his post graduation class. After a month one of his classmates who is a UK citizen, proposed to him. Santosh bluntly rejected her. He has some considerations for his life partner. Anyways later on, they became good friends. He successfully finished his first semester with good aggregate. In the next semester he had to select an elective that is in line with his specialization stream. He chose Finance. Being an economic student in his graduation, it was easy for him to follow the classes. At the end of first week of the second semester, he noticed a desi girl in his class. He came to know that she was from India. He thought- Thank God…. There is at least one Indian in my class. Moreover a girl….!!

He went to her and introduced himself. Swetha……. Born and brought up in India. Her parents came to London ten years back and settled there. She looked very innocent and cute. Her smile spoke her friendly nature. Her talk told about her wisdom. Her company made one feel homely. Her thoughts told about her attitude. Santosh was the only person whom she came to know in the class. They became good friends. Santosh was very happy in her company. As he was from economics background, he used to clarify the doubts for Swetha in her elective- Finance. Swetha was a clever girl. She used to grab the concepts very quickly. Day by day their intimacy increased. It was pleasant feeling for Santosh. One day when he was sitting lonely on bench, he began recollecting all his memories…. School, Papa, Mom’s scoldings. College life, first crush, job life blah….blah… Suddenly, the thought of Swetha stroked his neurons. He felt that she was the only person closer to his heart, next to his parents. He began to feel the importance of her presence in his life. Yes… He was in love with her.

But, will she accept his love? Will she like him? Is there someone in her life? Will his parents agree for a love marriage? In case she rejects his love, what will the status of their relationship later on? All these thoughts kept him paralyzed. The very thought of rejection made him sick.

------- to be continued………. to be continued…… to be continued…………….to be continued……………………….