Sunday, May 8, 2011


The first person on this earth whom we are all fond of, in our lives.
The most precious relationship on this earth that we have. Many a times in our conversation with
our friends,relatives, colleagues- we tell them: My mother used to prepare this for me... ; My mother
taught me this one.... ; My mother told me that.... and it goes on and on.

Frankly speaking, she is the living God in our lives. This has come up in my earlier blogs and FB status and make it a point again:
We never know whether God exists or not; we have never seen God; its just our belief in God that makes us feel we are protected always.
But, we have 'God' in our lives whom we can see; whom we talk to; whom we share our happy or sad moments; whom we are indebted for life long- that 'God' is our Mother.
Days may come and days may go; years may come and years may go- but the love our Mother shows towards us always beats any relationship that we come across in our lives.

Having said all these things, I would like to recall and share my personal experience regarding my Mother.
Once upon a time when I was in secondary school, my mother has suffered a nervous breakdown due to our financial situation. She has gone thorough very tough times and that was the time, when my family hid the facts as to what is happening at home. The only reason is that I would be completely offset if I knew the situation (as I used to study in a boarding school) I came to know from my family later on that her health condition was in a bad state. I was even told that its hard to believe that she can come back to normal stage. Its her love towards my family that brought her back to us.
She is the person who made me realize what life is.
She is the person who taught me the meaning of responsibility.
She is the person who changed my way of thinking and attitude towards various things.
She is the person who has sacrificed everything for the well being of our family.
She is the driving force behind me who keeps me moving forward.
She is the reason for what I am today.

I know there is lot for me to achieve and lot to experience. When I become successful one day- I would tell everyone that my Mother is the person behind my success.

According to Hindu religion, there is a belief that though we die our soul will be active and we will be reborn (And, this will happen six times). If ever, I have next birth I wish to be born again to my Mom.

Writing this note with tears in my eyes, remembering all the hardships she has been through for my well being.

Love you Mom.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 <> 2011

A note that I shared in facebook on the morning of Dec31st 2010. Yes... New year wishes...!!!

An yr where I entered into an era of new work life ;
An yr that gave new hopes in my life;
An yr that provided lot of exp and realisation;
An yr that put me in various emotional situations;
An yr that gave a value add to my career;
An yr that shaped the career of many of my friends and well wishers;
An yr where I witnessed many events both in personal life and professional life;
An yr that will go down with golden memories in history of my so called diary of LIFE.

The time has come to say good bye to 2010 and simultaneously an eventful decade where I have many ups and downs.
Before the sun sets down on the last day of a promising year 2010, let me wish all of you a very happy 2011.
Let us welcome a new decade and a new year as the curtains raise for an adventurous life ahead for all of us.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love has its own date with destiny - Part 2

They reached the final semester. It was time when companies started visiting the university. The recruitment went for about three weeks. To their luck, both of them got selected for the same company. Both were posted to a financial firm in London for the same assignment. Santosh was on cloud nine, as he was going to work with the girl whom she loves. He was so excited. Months passed by, but he was not yet ready to propose her. They met regularly in cafes and restaurants. She was very close to him. He realized the importance of her presence in his life. The presence of Swetha had left an indelible mark in his heart.

Santosh decided to propose Swetha. Yes… It was the so called D-day for him. He was about to start to office when his phone started ringing loud. It was from his parents. He was told to pack up everything to come to India for a long leave as his grandma was not feeling well. He went to office to inform his supervisor just when he saw Swetha waiting at his desk. She was eagerly waiting for Santosh to tell that she is going to India for vacation. She told him that her parents looked an alliance for her and will be back to office after a month. She was getting married. He was listening to her with lot of discontent in his heart. All his hopes and dreams vanished in air just like smoke disappears into air. He felt discouraged and disappointed. All his doors were closed. He thought-
OMG… What is happening here? I thought of proposing her today and suddenly I was asked to come home. And, now she is also going home for vacation…. for getting married. Oh God…!! Is this the destiny?? Am I not eligible to share my life with her? Am I not the correct person for her?

All those questions started pinching his heart. He suddenly came out from his thoughts. He told her that he got a call from home asking him to come home as soon as possible. He told her that his grandma was in her last days and that he was very fond of her as he was raised by her. He thought that situation was already out of control and that was not the correct time to propose her. Finally they departed saying good bye to each other. They travelled in different flights. All through his journey, Santosh’s mind was filled with the moments he spent with Swetha. He was so unhappy that he didn’t propose his love earlier. He began cursing himself for not having talked to her about his love. He was literally crying in his cabin, during the flight journey. All through the journey he didn’t take food. Adding to that, he was asked to come home due to his Grandma’s illness. He felt like- each and every situation started hitting him against a wall. His eyes turned blood red in color.

When Santosh came home he was surprised to see his Grandma as healthy as a lion. He was initially infuriated but later on he calmed down. His parents plotted for his marriage and so they told that reason. Many a times in the past he didn’t listen to them. Now that they saw a girl for him, they have agreed to meet the girl’s family along with him. The stage was set for the so called ‘judgment’. All odds were against his favor. He had no option except for accepting what his parents told. At one moment, he thought of calling Swetha to ask about her whereabouts. But, he didn’t have a contact number to call her. He thought that - Sometimes when you are in a bad situation everything will be down. He wished and prayed to God for Swetha’s well being and hoped that she would be happy with the person whom her parents arranged.

Santosh’s family started to the girl’s house according to the agreed date. His mother told him-Look Santosh. I know you are sad about this sudden marriage arrangement. Don’t worry kanna. We know how you wanted to be and what kind of girl you want to share your life with. You didn’t even bother to look at the girl’s photo…. Anyways, today you will see the girl in person. You are going to like her. She will be like an angel and a perfect match for you. Until that day, Santosh never cared to know about the girl that his parents looked for. The only reason was - he was not able to wipe away Swetha’s image from his heart. He loved her more than anything in this world. As his mother was telling him, he just nodded his head. Everything was happening according to perfect Indian tradition. The girl parents greeted Santosh’s family with lot of respect and love. Santosh’s parents were very happy. Then the time came to introduce the bride to the bridegroom.

He was looking dull. He was still in Swetha’s world. He thought- When you love someone, it will be very difficult to forget them. He saw the bride arriving. He was spellbound. Her face was not completely visible. She looked like an angel. She was the best girl that he had ever seen. He suddenly rejoiced and came to his senses. The bride finally came in front of him. He was completely awestruck. He could not believe what is happening there. Ohhh MMyyy God!!! It was Swetha standing in front of him. Dressed as a bride, she was really an angel. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. Yes….!!! It’s Swetha. Swetha also looked at him surprised. She was shell shocked. They asked their parents that they need to talk privately. Both of them were left alone in the hall.

Santosh: My parents lied to me. They arranged for my marriage and told some other reason. Earlier, I rejected their opinion many times. I told them I need some time.Swetha: Didn’t you see my photo before coming here?
Sa: No yar. Frankly speaking… I am in love with you. I thought of proposing you on the day we travelled here. But, I got a call from home asking me to come home urgently. Moreover, you told me the same day that you were leaving to India for marriage. At least now, let me tell you this-
You are so special to me.
You are everything to me.
I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Sw: Oooo Myyy God..!!! Why didn’t you tell me all these days? I too love you idiot. But, I don’t want to go against my parents. I always remember each and every moment that both of us spent together. I wanted you in my life by any means but I had no courage to go against my parents. They are the reason for what I am today. When it comes to marriage, my road always has a dead end.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she was revealing his love to him. She was taken back emotionally that she wept out all her worries she had until then. She ran towards him and hugged him. Santosh comforted her and whispered in her years:
Honey…. Love has its own date with destiny.
It is destined that we have to meet.
It is destined that we are made for each other.
It is destined that our love should succeed.
It is destined that we have to live together.
You know the old saying that - Marriages are made in heaven. Yes honey….it is correct.

Sw: Yes Santosh. It is destiny. We have to thank our parents also. They are the reason for us to get together. They have given everything for me. And, now…. even in the case of my marriage. I am going to marry a person with whom I am in love. What more can I ask for? This is the best moment of my life.

Both of them went outside the hall and told everything to their parents. They were very happy that their children were going to marry the persons whom they love. Their marriage was done with a splendid celebration. People who came to bless the couple told that it was the best marriage that they had ever witnessed.

Finally during the reception, all of them danced to the famous number- All Iz Well….!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love has its own date with destiny

He finished answering all his questions. Before clicking the submit button, he prayed to God and thought of his parents for a while. Santosh had been preparing for that exam since a long time. He waited a long time In order to gain experience in corporate field and finally he took the exam. Yes…. Obviously it is GMAT. He aspired to get post graduation in business management from any of the reputed universities in international level. Finally the so called D-day came and he attempted the exam. He had waited and worked hard to get a good score. He hit the submit button, remembering all the work that went into that. Yes… To his expectation, he scored 740 out of 800. His heart was thumping with joy. That was the best ever score that he achieved among all his mock tests. He came out of the test center and shouted very loudly….. “Hurray! I have made it. Thank You Mom and Dad for being with me.” He immediately called his parents and conveyed the result. He applied for LBS (London Business School- London) and ISB (Indian School of Business-Hyderabad). Those are the only two business schools where he aspired to complete his post graduation in business management.

He was really rocking. His academic background added weight to his GMAT score as he excelled well. He got a call from both LBS and ISB. He decided to join LBS and finally he entered into the first class of his post graduation. As usual he began exploring new things and learnt many principles in both MBA and personal life. To his disappointment, Santosh was the only Indian in his post graduation class. After a month one of his classmates who is a UK citizen, proposed to him. Santosh bluntly rejected her. He has some considerations for his life partner. Anyways later on, they became good friends. He successfully finished his first semester with good aggregate. In the next semester he had to select an elective that is in line with his specialization stream. He chose Finance. Being an economic student in his graduation, it was easy for him to follow the classes. At the end of first week of the second semester, he noticed a desi girl in his class. He came to know that she was from India. He thought- Thank God…. There is at least one Indian in my class. Moreover a girl….!!

He went to her and introduced himself. Swetha……. Born and brought up in India. Her parents came to London ten years back and settled there. She looked very innocent and cute. Her smile spoke her friendly nature. Her talk told about her wisdom. Her company made one feel homely. Her thoughts told about her attitude. Santosh was the only person whom she came to know in the class. They became good friends. Santosh was very happy in her company. As he was from economics background, he used to clarify the doubts for Swetha in her elective- Finance. Swetha was a clever girl. She used to grab the concepts very quickly. Day by day their intimacy increased. It was pleasant feeling for Santosh. One day when he was sitting lonely on bench, he began recollecting all his memories…. School, Papa, Mom’s scoldings. College life, first crush, job life blah….blah… Suddenly, the thought of Swetha stroked his neurons. He felt that she was the only person closer to his heart, next to his parents. He began to feel the importance of her presence in his life. Yes… He was in love with her.

But, will she accept his love? Will she like him? Is there someone in her life? Will his parents agree for a love marriage? In case she rejects his love, what will the status of their relationship later on? All these thoughts kept him paralyzed. The very thought of rejection made him sick.

------- to be continued………. to be continued…… to be continued…………….to be continued……………………….

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Miss Thee...!!

It has been quite some time since I have penned down my thoughts. . I am rather guilty that this post should have been out earlier. Nevertheless, there is no wrong time to do the right thing. Well……!! Here is my share for this month.

Having been in Chennai for more than three years it is important for me to write about the place that has set my base. Now that I am sitting in US recollecting my memories, I miss all those persons whom I have been with, in Chennai. Here are the places (or) moments that left an indelible mark in my diary.

>> Sri Rama Krishna Math- The best place which we can’t miss in Chennai.
>> Beach- Walking along the sea shore along with my best friends and playing with the water from the ocean that keeps sweeping the shore. I have been mostly to Thiruvanmiyur and Besant Nagar Beaches which are the closest locations to my residence. Yet, I have visited others also.
>> T.Nagar- It’s very interesting to walk across the streets of T.Nagar during weekends, particularly in the evenings. We don’t find place to even walk along the way. Thank God…!! Now that there is a fly over constructed, the traffic is reduced by some amount.
>> OMR Road- OMG.. Three years back when I came to Chennai, this road has been terrible. Now that proper road has been laid it made the journey to office easy. Else, commuting to office is like a roller coaster ride.
>>Shopping at Spencers- Oh.. It’s better to mention ‘window shopping’ rather than simply shopping. Whenever I go to a movie played at Casino, I would be visiting Spencers. Spencers is a common meeting place for my friends to spend some time. I know…. It is the same for many folks working in Chennai.
>> ECR (East Coast Road)- When I think about ECR, I mostly get reminded of the various restaurants that are located there. As I have resided along ECR all the time, I moved mostly near to the hotels situated there. In the three and half year duration, I have been to almost each and every restaurant along ECR with my friends. My best option for cost and taste is Hotel Basera.
>> Watching ‘3 Idiots’ movie with my room mate Chaitu, sitting in the first row at Satyam theatre. We have bought two 10/- tickets for 50/- . It’s quite difficult to watch the movie sitting in the first row but that made my day… :)

I miss the hustle and bustle of the surroundings…. I miss the Chennai flavor….

When I talk about friends, one thing strikes my mind- Its very hard to build relationship and rather more difficult to break a relationship. Such is the relationship that I have built with many persons whom I am acquainted with, in Chennai. This bond always makes me think of the precious moments that I have spent with friends. If I go on writing about friends, I will be like a person in search of a place where the sky meets the earth. I hope you got my point here.

I am indebted to all my friends for the sweet memories that I shared. I miss you all....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Man proposes but God disposes

“Someday, somehow whatever you prayed for will come true. It may not be in the exact time you wanted. But, it will be what God thinks is the right time for you”- This is one of the most thought provoking messages from the ones that my friend Dina sends every day. Thanks to Dina for such a lovely message.

The message has a lot to do with my Life. I am writing this post in memory of what happened to me in the past couple of years. Yes..! We often expect something to happen but it might not happen exactly the way we wanted. They say- Man proposes but God disposes; so the title of this post goes.

I joined the corporate world under some circumstances. Though situations led me to this stage, I never felt bad for what I am today. Rather I should say I am proud to be in this stage. I always kept thinking that I would be leading to the better path. But, the requirement is that- I have to keep moving on and on; whatever may come across. Last couple of years is a learning adventure for me. Not satisfied with the work that I had done until then (first 8 months), I demanded for change. There again, the so called circumstances hindered the change that I was expecting. Yes of course..! I was looking for a change which I didn’t get immediately when I wanted. All of a sudden things started falling into place. I got into a new role which I never expected. I started off with a blank mind knowing that there is something in store for me in the new path. That change has altered my game.

Well..! Situations don’t always remain the same. At times we will be forced to become the victim of circumstances. And, here goes the famous saying- Nothing is permanent expect change. Even after entering into the new role, circumstances started hunting for me. At times, I have become the victim of circumstances. We never know what is going to happen next. A perfect example is the recent recession period that changed the lives of many people across the globe. I have faced many grave experiences due to such circumstances. The main weapon that I had to fight against the circumstances is Patience. Having this powerful weapon, I held my head high. I just went on doing my job fulfilling my responsibilities. This time, I was waiting for another change that can serve as a value add to my profile. Oh man…..! I have waited for almost two complete years. And, God heard my prayers finally. I am blessed with the change that I was longing for, since two years. I was actually expecting for a better one; but God has given me the best one.

When I am given the best one that I can ask for, I should perform my best. Yes, I have to utilize the opportunity and of course I will.

** I got my H1 visa last month and I am flying to U.S, for an onsite assignment the next Friday (I have initially applied for L1 visa. But, things changed as days went by and I got my H1 visa approved) **

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love You - Mom n Dad

I hope we don’t need a Mother’s day or a Father’s day either for writing something about our parents. I can say that- spending some time thinking about our loved ones is the most precious way of spending time. Well..!! I felt like writing some words expressing my love for my parents. If you ask me- ‘Why now?’ I don’t know the answer. I can just say it is my Love for them.

Yes, it is my love towards them that made me write this. I have been through many ups and downs in my Life until now. Be it to getting grades during college days or financial problems in my family, I have been tossed up and down. Mom used to say now and then- “God puts us to test now and then”. I would simply shoot out a question at her, “That OK Mom. But why always?” More than me, it is they who suffered a lot mentally. I used to stay away from home, in a hostel. I never had the chance to know clearly what used to happen at home. I used to spend time with them only when I go home for holidays. Yet! They wouldn’t let me know what they are going through. My brothers won’t even give a clue on the circumstances that are prevailing. My father used to say this always- “Son, you study well. Let me know what you want I will get it for you. Everything is fine here. Keep good health.” Later on I came to know. Mom’s health condition was serious. She had suffered from nervous breakdown. They spilled the beans to me, only after things are under control.

I can understand the difficulties that they have gone through. For whatever I am today or whomsoever I am going to be tomorrow, they are the reason for it. It is due to them, that I am in this position. At one stage of my life, my Dad didn’t have Rs.8000/- to pay for my seat in an Engineering college. Yet, I rode against the tide with their support. I am thankful to them for everything. Once in a while, when I sit down thinking all the incidents that happened in the past, recollecting my childhood days and my teenage life- I cry out my heart inconsolably. I recollect those days only to increase the burning attitude within me to fight against the circumstances. Yes, I have to move on. I know that they don’t expect anything from me. But, it is my responsibility to fulfill their wishes. Our parents give us everything when we are young, which are the budding years of our lives.

By the way, I feel that this is the correct platform to share my most heartfelt moment, three and half years back when I entered Corporate life- it is the day when I got my first salary. Mom is busy in kitchen, cooking some snacks as I came home for vacation. I started taking the currency notes out of my pocket.

Mom: Hey Vijay! You are going to love these. I am making your favorite snacks.
Me: That’s okay Mom. I have something for you.
Mom: What is it Kanna?
Me: Mom. This is my first salary. I am getting this money straight from the ATM.
Mom: That’s fine. But, I thought you would give to Tirupati Lord Balaji .
Me: Mom, I don’t know whether God exists or not. But, I see God in front of me. It is you. You are everything for me.

I handed over the currency notes to her. She looked at the money in astonishment. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. She ran her fingers through my hair and kissed on my forehead. “I love you Kanna”, she said as she hugged me.The happiness I saw in my mother’s eyes that day, meant a lot to me. I would say it is one of the best ever moments of my Life. I can do anything for her, to see that happiness.

My Dad is a source of inspiration to me always. Though a bit short tempered person, he is very good at heart. If he has hundred bucks with him, he used to feed the poor for seventy bucks from it. He used to always insist me on helping others in need. He thought me to face problems in Life boldly. I have never seen fear in his eyes. Whatever may be the situations, he stood against the problems bravely.

Life wouldn’t be that interesting if we don’t go through problems. We have to face the hurdles and enjoy the sweetness after getting the good results. If we want to enjoy success, we have to definitely experience tough times.

Thank you Mom and Dad, for what I am today.
I dedicate this post to my loving family members.