Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love has its own date with destiny - Part 2

They reached the final semester. It was time when companies started visiting the university. The recruitment went for about three weeks. To their luck, both of them got selected for the same company. Both were posted to a financial firm in London for the same assignment. Santosh was on cloud nine, as he was going to work with the girl whom she loves. He was so excited. Months passed by, but he was not yet ready to propose her. They met regularly in cafes and restaurants. She was very close to him. He realized the importance of her presence in his life. The presence of Swetha had left an indelible mark in his heart.

Santosh decided to propose Swetha. Yes… It was the so called D-day for him. He was about to start to office when his phone started ringing loud. It was from his parents. He was told to pack up everything to come to India for a long leave as his grandma was not feeling well. He went to office to inform his supervisor just when he saw Swetha waiting at his desk. She was eagerly waiting for Santosh to tell that she is going to India for vacation. She told him that her parents looked an alliance for her and will be back to office after a month. She was getting married. He was listening to her with lot of discontent in his heart. All his hopes and dreams vanished in air just like smoke disappears into air. He felt discouraged and disappointed. All his doors were closed. He thought-
OMG… What is happening here? I thought of proposing her today and suddenly I was asked to come home. And, now she is also going home for vacation…. for getting married. Oh God…!! Is this the destiny?? Am I not eligible to share my life with her? Am I not the correct person for her?

All those questions started pinching his heart. He suddenly came out from his thoughts. He told her that he got a call from home asking him to come home as soon as possible. He told her that his grandma was in her last days and that he was very fond of her as he was raised by her. He thought that situation was already out of control and that was not the correct time to propose her. Finally they departed saying good bye to each other. They travelled in different flights. All through his journey, Santosh’s mind was filled with the moments he spent with Swetha. He was so unhappy that he didn’t propose his love earlier. He began cursing himself for not having talked to her about his love. He was literally crying in his cabin, during the flight journey. All through the journey he didn’t take food. Adding to that, he was asked to come home due to his Grandma’s illness. He felt like- each and every situation started hitting him against a wall. His eyes turned blood red in color.

When Santosh came home he was surprised to see his Grandma as healthy as a lion. He was initially infuriated but later on he calmed down. His parents plotted for his marriage and so they told that reason. Many a times in the past he didn’t listen to them. Now that they saw a girl for him, they have agreed to meet the girl’s family along with him. The stage was set for the so called ‘judgment’. All odds were against his favor. He had no option except for accepting what his parents told. At one moment, he thought of calling Swetha to ask about her whereabouts. But, he didn’t have a contact number to call her. He thought that - Sometimes when you are in a bad situation everything will be down. He wished and prayed to God for Swetha’s well being and hoped that she would be happy with the person whom her parents arranged.

Santosh’s family started to the girl’s house according to the agreed date. His mother told him-Look Santosh. I know you are sad about this sudden marriage arrangement. Don’t worry kanna. We know how you wanted to be and what kind of girl you want to share your life with. You didn’t even bother to look at the girl’s photo…. Anyways, today you will see the girl in person. You are going to like her. She will be like an angel and a perfect match for you. Until that day, Santosh never cared to know about the girl that his parents looked for. The only reason was - he was not able to wipe away Swetha’s image from his heart. He loved her more than anything in this world. As his mother was telling him, he just nodded his head. Everything was happening according to perfect Indian tradition. The girl parents greeted Santosh’s family with lot of respect and love. Santosh’s parents were very happy. Then the time came to introduce the bride to the bridegroom.

He was looking dull. He was still in Swetha’s world. He thought- When you love someone, it will be very difficult to forget them. He saw the bride arriving. He was spellbound. Her face was not completely visible. She looked like an angel. She was the best girl that he had ever seen. He suddenly rejoiced and came to his senses. The bride finally came in front of him. He was completely awestruck. He could not believe what is happening there. Ohhh MMyyy God!!! It was Swetha standing in front of him. Dressed as a bride, she was really an angel. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. Yes….!!! It’s Swetha. Swetha also looked at him surprised. She was shell shocked. They asked their parents that they need to talk privately. Both of them were left alone in the hall.

Santosh: My parents lied to me. They arranged for my marriage and told some other reason. Earlier, I rejected their opinion many times. I told them I need some time.Swetha: Didn’t you see my photo before coming here?
Sa: No yar. Frankly speaking… I am in love with you. I thought of proposing you on the day we travelled here. But, I got a call from home asking me to come home urgently. Moreover, you told me the same day that you were leaving to India for marriage. At least now, let me tell you this-
You are so special to me.
You are everything to me.
I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Sw: Oooo Myyy God..!!! Why didn’t you tell me all these days? I too love you idiot. But, I don’t want to go against my parents. I always remember each and every moment that both of us spent together. I wanted you in my life by any means but I had no courage to go against my parents. They are the reason for what I am today. When it comes to marriage, my road always has a dead end.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she was revealing his love to him. She was taken back emotionally that she wept out all her worries she had until then. She ran towards him and hugged him. Santosh comforted her and whispered in her years:
Honey…. Love has its own date with destiny.
It is destined that we have to meet.
It is destined that we are made for each other.
It is destined that our love should succeed.
It is destined that we have to live together.
You know the old saying that - Marriages are made in heaven. Yes honey….it is correct.

Sw: Yes Santosh. It is destiny. We have to thank our parents also. They are the reason for us to get together. They have given everything for me. And, now…. even in the case of my marriage. I am going to marry a person with whom I am in love. What more can I ask for? This is the best moment of my life.

Both of them went outside the hall and told everything to their parents. They were very happy that their children were going to marry the persons whom they love. Their marriage was done with a splendid celebration. People who came to bless the couple told that it was the best marriage that they had ever witnessed.

Finally during the reception, all of them danced to the famous number- All Iz Well….!!!


  1. man i hate u.. it was a happy ending.. never happens in real life!!!

  2. Hi Bala.... yes you are correct...It never happens in real life... My next love story will have a sad ending... :)