Saturday, February 6, 2010

Man proposes but God disposes

“Someday, somehow whatever you prayed for will come true. It may not be in the exact time you wanted. But, it will be what God thinks is the right time for you”- This is one of the most thought provoking messages from the ones that my friend Dina sends every day. Thanks to Dina for such a lovely message.

The message has a lot to do with my Life. I am writing this post in memory of what happened to me in the past couple of years. Yes..! We often expect something to happen but it might not happen exactly the way we wanted. They say- Man proposes but God disposes; so the title of this post goes.

I joined the corporate world under some circumstances. Though situations led me to this stage, I never felt bad for what I am today. Rather I should say I am proud to be in this stage. I always kept thinking that I would be leading to the better path. But, the requirement is that- I have to keep moving on and on; whatever may come across. Last couple of years is a learning adventure for me. Not satisfied with the work that I had done until then (first 8 months), I demanded for change. There again, the so called circumstances hindered the change that I was expecting. Yes of course..! I was looking for a change which I didn’t get immediately when I wanted. All of a sudden things started falling into place. I got into a new role which I never expected. I started off with a blank mind knowing that there is something in store for me in the new path. That change has altered my game.

Well..! Situations don’t always remain the same. At times we will be forced to become the victim of circumstances. And, here goes the famous saying- Nothing is permanent expect change. Even after entering into the new role, circumstances started hunting for me. At times, I have become the victim of circumstances. We never know what is going to happen next. A perfect example is the recent recession period that changed the lives of many people across the globe. I have faced many grave experiences due to such circumstances. The main weapon that I had to fight against the circumstances is Patience. Having this powerful weapon, I held my head high. I just went on doing my job fulfilling my responsibilities. This time, I was waiting for another change that can serve as a value add to my profile. Oh man…..! I have waited for almost two complete years. And, God heard my prayers finally. I am blessed with the change that I was longing for, since two years. I was actually expecting for a better one; but God has given me the best one.

When I am given the best one that I can ask for, I should perform my best. Yes, I have to utilize the opportunity and of course I will.

** I got my H1 visa last month and I am flying to U.S, for an onsite assignment the next Friday (I have initially applied for L1 visa. But, things changed as days went by and I got my H1 visa approved) **