Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love You - Mom n Dad

I hope we don’t need a Mother’s day or a Father’s day either for writing something about our parents. I can say that- spending some time thinking about our loved ones is the most precious way of spending time. Well..!! I felt like writing some words expressing my love for my parents. If you ask me- ‘Why now?’ I don’t know the answer. I can just say it is my Love for them.

Yes, it is my love towards them that made me write this. I have been through many ups and downs in my Life until now. Be it to getting grades during college days or financial problems in my family, I have been tossed up and down. Mom used to say now and then- “God puts us to test now and then”. I would simply shoot out a question at her, “That OK Mom. But why always?” More than me, it is they who suffered a lot mentally. I used to stay away from home, in a hostel. I never had the chance to know clearly what used to happen at home. I used to spend time with them only when I go home for holidays. Yet! They wouldn’t let me know what they are going through. My brothers won’t even give a clue on the circumstances that are prevailing. My father used to say this always- “Son, you study well. Let me know what you want I will get it for you. Everything is fine here. Keep good health.” Later on I came to know. Mom’s health condition was serious. She had suffered from nervous breakdown. They spilled the beans to me, only after things are under control.

I can understand the difficulties that they have gone through. For whatever I am today or whomsoever I am going to be tomorrow, they are the reason for it. It is due to them, that I am in this position. At one stage of my life, my Dad didn’t have Rs.8000/- to pay for my seat in an Engineering college. Yet, I rode against the tide with their support. I am thankful to them for everything. Once in a while, when I sit down thinking all the incidents that happened in the past, recollecting my childhood days and my teenage life- I cry out my heart inconsolably. I recollect those days only to increase the burning attitude within me to fight against the circumstances. Yes, I have to move on. I know that they don’t expect anything from me. But, it is my responsibility to fulfill their wishes. Our parents give us everything when we are young, which are the budding years of our lives.

By the way, I feel that this is the correct platform to share my most heartfelt moment, three and half years back when I entered Corporate life- it is the day when I got my first salary. Mom is busy in kitchen, cooking some snacks as I came home for vacation. I started taking the currency notes out of my pocket.

Mom: Hey Vijay! You are going to love these. I am making your favorite snacks.
Me: That’s okay Mom. I have something for you.
Mom: What is it Kanna?
Me: Mom. This is my first salary. I am getting this money straight from the ATM.
Mom: That’s fine. But, I thought you would give to Tirupati Lord Balaji .
Me: Mom, I don’t know whether God exists or not. But, I see God in front of me. It is you. You are everything for me.

I handed over the currency notes to her. She looked at the money in astonishment. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. She ran her fingers through my hair and kissed on my forehead. “I love you Kanna”, she said as she hugged me.The happiness I saw in my mother’s eyes that day, meant a lot to me. I would say it is one of the best ever moments of my Life. I can do anything for her, to see that happiness.

My Dad is a source of inspiration to me always. Though a bit short tempered person, he is very good at heart. If he has hundred bucks with him, he used to feed the poor for seventy bucks from it. He used to always insist me on helping others in need. He thought me to face problems in Life boldly. I have never seen fear in his eyes. Whatever may be the situations, he stood against the problems bravely.

Life wouldn’t be that interesting if we don’t go through problems. We have to face the hurdles and enjoy the sweetness after getting the good results. If we want to enjoy success, we have to definitely experience tough times.

Thank you Mom and Dad, for what I am today.
I dedicate this post to my loving family members.


  1. you sure strike a chord..!you are very blessed for having such a loving,kind and responsible parents. I bow to your parents and brothers for being the pillars of your career /life. 'Support' is something very precious i cud ask for that is invaluable and unconditional.For my brother and I,of course this was the best thing we thank God for..Education,freedom to explore,individuality ,unconditional love and support...they gave everything ,and have gone through the hardship so that we can have a life of ease.Reading this post reminds me of my family.

    I feel very grateful to your parents and wishing them loads of happiness and love.whatever we do we can never repay them,for the role they played.Let us never miss a chance to give our best to them ..:)

    On this emotional note,wishing you warmth of happiness and success through out the year ahead..! Best wishes to family !

    PS: This is the best thing happened in welcoming new year ..I'm sure its going to be a Happy one for all of us:) Thanks vijju

  2. Vyshu- Yes re... they are the reason for what we are today...

    Lets start this new year on a good note thinking about our loved ones.
    Thanks for your wishes and I wish you the same... :)