Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tomorrow Never Dies...!!!

Yes Boss..!! You got it right. A famous blockbuster from the list of James Bond movies. Hold on there.... I am not going to write something related to the movie. I am using only the title of the movie for my post. I wanted to elaborate the essence of the words as they have a lot of meaning into it. So, I am penning down my thoughts on these words.

There are many instances where we postpone things. We just put them aside because of only one thought- I still have time for it. But when we are really free, we don't get reminded of such things. This is a general trend that all of us follow knowingly or unknowingly. We get carried away by our daily schedule and thereby subdue some tasks which are not urgent. Such tasks which are not urgent will be always postponed to tomorrow. And, of course we all know- Tomorrow Never Dies.

A couple of weeks back I got to know the contact number of one of my schoolmates. We were thick friends in school. But, we haven't met after schooling. Recently I came to know that he was working in Canada and got his contact number. As the timings varied, I used to wait until evening to call him. Eventually I'll end up my evening without calling him... :)

Recently in our conversation I mentioned this point. He smiled at me telling- Yes buddy... It happens with me also. The so called postpone syndrome.

Here is another very usual scenario- I was discussing with one of my managers Ganesh, about his onsite stay. I got to know a common fact. More than 75% of the population residing in New York hasn't visited the statue of liberty even once in their lifetime. They have one notion regarding that- We are living in New York only and therefore we can visit the statue of liberty some time or the other. The observation is that- only tourists will be found visiting the statue of liberty, thinking that they may not come to that place in the future.

There are few things which we may miss in our Life due to this postpone syndrome. A couple of weeks back, I went to Peraanmai movie with my colleagues. After watching the movie on the way home, I happened to cross one place. My friend LN and I stopped at that place. I have been thinking of visiting this place since a long time. I have been residing in Chennai since three years. Many a times, the thought of visiting this place ran through my mind. Whenever I go to Central Railway Station for travelling to my native, I pass through that way. I told to LN that by any means I have to witness that. It's the auspicious - Sri Ramakrishna Math. A sense of guilt feeling pricked me as I started entering the place. Guilty because- though I have been in Chennai for about three years that was the first time I was visiting that place. It is the similar case with LN also. He is born and brought up in Chennai. Yet, his visits to this auspicious place are just less than five. It's very noisy outside the temple, due to the huge traffic. The moment I started entering the main hall, the silence killed out the huge amount of noise that was outside. Generally we will be deafened by huge noise but that day I had experienced the other extreme- deafening silence. The peace of mind that you find in that place is invaluable. I would say that it is the best of the best places that I have ever visited.

I would end up writing second part and third part similar to my previous posts, if I go on mentioning such instances.

When it comes to our work- this would definitely pose a threat to our deliverables. We should never, ever postpone things when it comes to work. Of course, we will be screwed if we postpone our deliverables. One thing that I observed as a good habit of carrying out tasks is - proper planning before implementation. If we spend at least ten minutes noting down the list of tasks to be accomplished, we would never end up missing any. Our next point of action should be nailing down the tasks one by one as we move forward.

But, whatever happens or whatever matters- Tomorrow Never Dies :smile:

What more can be done to kill tomorrow…??? Can it be?? I am not that experienced for too many suggestions, to let it happen today……. ;) What more can I do, to let it happen the way I like it??


  1. Hi Vijay..

    one of the best posts i have read recenty is this one..very sensibly penned down and the way u have carried the momentum stuck me..

    :)..Yeah..we postpone the things, and finally they do come back on us roughly, in fact very roughlyy..

    Nice that u have understood the whole essence..

    Thanks for this post..

    PS: I have missed ur last three parts ..wil read it somtime..:)

  2. Thanks Pramoda... that's very encouraging.

    You would definitely miss the corporate love story in my previous posts- if you won't go through...... :) Just kidding.. take ur time..