Thursday, October 22, 2009

One night, when he left Office... Part III

Santosh reported to his onsite project manager. He immediately pitched into his new responsibilities. He didn’t have many acquaintances in the beginning. He used to go out for lunch and coffee, lonely. Having more responsibilities, he didn’t have much time for his personal life. His schedule was very hectic. He was the POC for very important deliverables. He enquired his friends in offshore, about Siri. He didn’t get any positive reply from them. They told him that they didn’t see her at all after he left. It was very hard for Santosh to put aside Siri from his memories. He used to dream about meeting Siri and proposing to her…

Three months down the lane, a sudden and strange thing happened in his life. That incident made an indelible mark in his life. As usual, he left for lunch alone and found a table for two which was empty. He started eating and heard someone calling him-

Excuse Me. Would you mind me, sitting here?

He turned his head and saw ‘his’ girl. He was spell bound. He was not able to believe it. He was out of his senses for a while. Yes!!!! It was Siri. All the memories of her when he was in offshore began circling around his mind. He was into his sub-conscious state. Her appearance was like a bolt out the blue. She stood in front of him like an angel. Siri was talking again-

Excuse me Sir. Can I sit here?

Then he replied- Oh… M Sorry… S.S..Sure. You can sit here. He was still in a state of disbelief. His heart was thumping with joy. Sitting in front of his girl; looking in her eyes; talking to her jovially. All the things fell into place for Santosh finally. He was on cloud nine. She initiated the talk.

Siri (Si): Hi… This is Siri. Your good name please?

Santosh: (Sa): Hi.. I am Santosh.

Si: I have seen you when you were in offshore. I was staying at your residence only. Santosh was looking keen into her eyes. He can see the cheerfulness in her face. He can even see the excitement in her, when she was to talking to him.

Sa: Oh… Is it?? M Surprised to know that. Even, I saw you in office when I was in offshore. Cool….. Since, how long have you been here?

Si: Over three months. With this client just a week back. I am a new recruit to this account. I was working with another client for about three months. I have recently shifted to this place. Apart from my clients I don’t know anyone here. Today, I saw a familiar face and its you…

Sa: Heyyy.. Same with me yaar. I don’t know anyone here. I have been here for three months. But, I know very few people.

Si: Santosh… When I was in offshore, one day I came in the same cab that you have travelled. That was the first time I saw you. That day, you were completely asleep in the cab. We were the last ones to be dropped. As I was staying near your house, I thought of having a small talk with you. I started approaching you, but you looked back and started running to your house.

Sa: Oh…. That is you? I was asleep. I didn’t notice that someone got down from the cab along with me. I wanted to sleep soon and so didn’t bother my surroundings. Suddenly, I saw someone coming behind me. You know what….I thought it was a ghost. I ran to my house and slammed the door…..

Si: Oh… Santosh… They started laughing aloud. They almost blew the roof.Normally, Santosh finishes lunch within twenty minutes. That day, it took one hour fifteen minutes. Both of them were completely absorbed into the conversation and didn’t notice the time. They exchanged their contact numbers and left for work.

Santosh called his offshore friends and informed about his meeting with Siri. They suggested him to tell her about his love as soon as possible. He told that he still needs time. Now as she was a known person to him, he thought that things would be in his favor. He started meeting her now and then and they both realized their frequencies were matching. He started experiencing new flavor in his life. He enjoyed her company. Their intimacy grew day by day. They became thick friends.

It was winter. All the streets were covered with snow. It was a long weekend. Santosh and Siri met in a coffee shop. They were discussing about various topics. Suddenly Siri told these words:

Si: Santosh. Jokes apart. This is something serious. I feel something is missed out in my daily schedule when I don’t meet you. I feel that I am missing something in my Life when you are not with me. I get a feeling that I am with my family members when I spend time with you. I want to share my Life with you. I am in Love with you. Will you marry me?

Santosh was shell shocked. He was trying to reveal the same to Siri since a long time and finally the odds were in his favor.
The girl whom he had searched for a long time;
The girl whom he wanted to share his Life with;
The girl who was like a catalyst to his experiment of Life;
The girl who added flavor to his Life;
The girl whose memories are carved out in his Diary;
The same girl had proposed to him. Hez the happiest person on this world. He immediately hug her. Tears started rolling down from his eyes. He couldn’t stop crying. That was one of the most emotional moments in his Life. He revealed his Love; How he knew her before; What all he had done to catch a glimpse of her. The fact that Santosh was also loving her, had touched the emotional chords of her heart. Siri also broke down. They both were inconsolable. After getting consent from their family members, they got married.

One day, Santosh is working late night at home. Siri asked him what is pulling him so long. Then he smiled at her and replied- I am writing in my blog, about our love….. We shall gift these memories to our sweet little daughter Mittu, on her fifth birthday.

Disclaimer:The characters presented in these posts are completely imaginary. It is purely coincidental if it matches any ones lives. Thanks for your time here and do give your feedback in the comments…


  1. Superb narration dude...Pretty cool and simple....keep blogging...

  2. Thanks Chaitu... Surely I will bring out many more of this sort...