Sunday, October 18, 2009

One night, when he left Office.... Part II

Santosh looked back and was surprised. He shook his sleepy head and saw a white figure coming towards him. Oh… My….God…!!! Being an introvert, he is also afraid of devils. Though he was agnostic towards ghosts, yet his fear knew no bounds. His nerves were trembling. He can feel the pressure of the adrenaline in his veins. He ran towards his house which is at the end of that lane and shut the front door with a big bang. He didn’t dare to peep through the window. He immediately hit the bed and shut his eyes very tightly. The next day he woke up normally and didn’t dare to share the incident with his office buddies or roomies. He digested that incident within him. He just thought- Enough is enough..!! I won’t discuss this with anyone.

Days seem to pass very fast. Thoughts about Siri became a part and parcel of his daily schedule. One fine day, he got his H1 VISA stamped. Having contributed much to his client he was asked to travel for an onsite work. His offshore leads never had a second thought at him. His travel was confirmed and he needs to travel to US within a week. He informed to his office buddies about his onsite assignment. They cheered him and planned for a treat, before Santosh escapes to US. Two of his friends LN and Mahendra noticed tears in Santosh’s eyes as they were cheering him. They asked him why he was sad.

Frens: Hey Santosh! Come on yar. Why you are dull? You have been waiting for your H1 since a long time. Finally you hit it. Now, suddenly whatz wrong with you?
Guyz, its all about Siri. You all know that I love her. I will be going to US and I won’t find a chance to look her from now on.
Easy buddy. We understand your concern. But if you really love her, express it. Talk to her. Just sort it out. You can’t stay like this looking at her daily and comeon dude… you are the most eligible person to her. She will definitely like you.
I don’t want to spill the beans at this point of time. I can’t bear the pain, if she rejects me. I need to some time to make up my mind.
Frens: Its’s all over now Santosh. You have to talk to her before you go to US and tell her about your Love.

Two more days to go for the onsite travel. Santosh hasn’t yet talked to Siri. Working in second shift, he is not able to catch her before she left office. He didn’t see her in office that day. Even his friends had no clue regarding her.

The last day in office before the onsite travel, he talked to all his leads and friends. He waited for her to come along the way he used to see her daily. He spent almost the whole day waiting to see her. To his disappointment, she didn’t come to office even that day also. Having gathered all his courage to propose to Siri, Santosh felt very depressed. His friends consoled him that he will meet her some day or the other. He partied with his friends in one of the lavish pubs in Chennai, packed up his baggage. He checked into the airport and was waiting for his flight’s arrival. The thoughts about Siri were ringing in his mind- What happened to Siri? Why did she stop coming to office all of a sudden? Did she get released/ transferred? Did she resign from the job? Oh my God! Please find her for me….. Plzzz

To be continued….

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