Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One night, when he left Office.... Part I

Santosh is a very hard working person. He is the topper of his training batch. Committed to work during most part of the day, he is working with one of the most reputed software companies. He is working for a client based out of Middletown, located in Connecticut an eastern state of US. He is a bit introvert. He didn't hang out with freinds whenever possible. Hmmm, its quite rare to find such persons now a days. Neverthless there are a few near our bay, in office.

He works in second shift according to the client requirement to support until 12noon EST. He daily goes to office by two in the afternoon. He would return home at around eleven in the night. He can reach home early, if he catches the first cab which is at 10:30PM. Being an introvert he is not having much friends in office. He always moves around with Anil, Rajesh and Raju who are his close freinds. One day the fabulous four are having a discussion regarding salary hike during their coffee break. Suddenly as there are talking, Santosh's eyes caught the image of a girl who is damn good. He is spellbound, while the others are still buried in the discussion. Immediately Anil noticed Santosh and shook him. Santosh told them that he wanted to marry such a girl and showed her. He pleaded his friends to find out her whereabouts. His friends, pulled his legs singing- Love at first sight...!!

He started looking at her daily in office. He came to know that she is a lateral entrant. His friends reported that she is a nice person and doesn't hang around often. The final testament is that she is not having a boy friend. Listening to his freinds, Santosh's heart is thumping with joy. Her name is Siri. From then on when the fab four met, their topic of discussion is one and only Siri. Santosh's thoughts from then on, are always attached to Siri. Ofcourse he is in love with her. He wants to talk to her but, he is so shy. He is afraid that if she rejects him he will loose his soul mate. He didn't want to spoil the party by spilling the beans very early. Whereas Anil and Rajesh are always pressurising him. They tell him all the well known proverbs- Its now or never and inturn santosh replies to them- Better late than never. This is how the battle continued between him and his freinds. He collected all her details- family, education, her nature, project and what not. To say colloquially, he got to know A to Z regarding her. He tuned his mind that he is going to share his life with her. Days rolled by. Santosh is progressing well in his job life. He received many appreciations from his client. He even received the coveted- Best Performer of the Year award. But, there is always someone bothering him. Yes, its Siri.

One night he had lot of deliverables to be submitted and thereby he got into 11:30PM cab. There are hardly any folks waiting for the cabs. Many people might have left early that day, as it is Friday. Finally the cab co-ordinator allocated a Travera and it started from the office within five minutes. There are five members in the cab. Santosh hardly saw their faces. His eye lids are forcing him to close his eyes. So, he is just managing a nap. He is not bothering about other members in the cab. Three members have got down after some time. Its 12 midnight, when he just managed to give a look at his watch. He is so much tired that he didn't even notice the other person who got down along with him from the cab. The cab driver dropped them on the main road, since their street is very narrow for the cab to fit in.

To be continued....

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