Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Chinnu !!!


Days have rolled by and months have passed by, since day one when I met you;

Destiny has made our relationship remain as fresh as a budding flower;

A flower in its budding stage, fights for strength from the rays of the Sun;

A student in learning stage thrives for knowledge from teachers;

Similarly our friendship is picking up strength day by day;

May this day bring you more joy into your Life;

A joy that redefines your personality;

A joy that strengthens your relations with your well wishers;

A joy that unites all your positiveness within you to thrash away your weakness;

I wish you the best results in your future endeavors;

I wish you to be the best at your health in the years to come;

I wish you all the happiness that you have been waiting for;

I wish and pray to God for the utmost strength in your tough times;

I pray to God that all your wishes get fulfilled in the days to come;

You are there to comfort me when I am sad;

You are there for me to share my happy moments;

You shared with me your sad moments;

You have been and you are an inspiration to me;

You are a friend, a philosopher and a guide to me;

You are the one of the persons who grabbed some important portion of my 'Diary' of Life;

It's an orthodox way to just wish you with a hand shake and load your mouth with a piece of cake;

I wanted to spend some time thinking about you and write few lines that can make an attempt to touch your heart;

Few lines that fill in some encouragement on this auspicious day;

Few lines that brings a smile on your face;

Few lines that increase the flow of your adrenaline;

Few lines that adds value to our friendship;

Few lines that would add flavor to our relationship;

Yours Ever- Very Jovial >> VJ <<

NB: I have been waiting to publish this post since three weeks, for this auspicious day. I am thankful to God for gifting me such a friend who opened my mind to bring out this post. As mentioned, I thought of giving this pleasant surprise to Chinnu on this day (19th Sep).

Disclaimer: Readers! Please write down your wishes (in the comments) to Chinnu, irrespective of the day you read this post. Thanks in advance Readers...!!


  1. vijay ee blog chinnu ki marchipoleni gift.thanu yeppudu antu untundi naa friend vijay aney kantey nenu vijay friend ni anukovadam lo greatness untundi ani.ippudu naaku anipisthundi.intha manchi friend ni ichhinanduku okka thanks chepthey bhagavanthuniki saripodeymo ani,inka wordings raavadam ledu naaku.

  2. HI Vijay good effort and nice post .. happy B'day to chinnu .. :)..LIked the way u have written the lines ..:)

  3. Latha aunty- Nannu antha goppa vaadini cheyakandi please... There is an old saying-'Good friends are like good books'. Such is Chinnu for me. I am learning a lot from Chinnu. Thanks for your heart touching words... :)

  4. Vijay....very good post...itz true that there is a lot to learn from Chinnu... A very energetic person who is strong in determination....
    Portrayed very nicely abt chinnu...
    Wish you many many happy returns of the day

  5. Hello Vijju...
    Met you as a stranger a year back n today,feel very proud to know that our Frndship has strengthened to this extent.You became my strength in very short span of Time.You took care of me so well that there were times when my tensions used to disappear by talking with you.The innocence in your voice made me leave the tensions from that moment.
    Very happy to hear that i could lighten your burdens.I remember the days u shared your success times the sad ones.I wanted YOU to never break-down so supported in every possible way that I could.
    Time spent wid you may be short but the memories captured in those times are evergreen forever.Thanks for bearing my lectures and implementing a few lessons as well.
    I cannot explain in words that place I have for you but can definately say that its a very SPECIAL place. Will always be there at your end al all moments.
    Thanks a Ton for this precious n wondeful gift on my B'DaY.

    Urs ever -

  6. Thanks for the Blessings ma...
    Thanq Pramoda for the Bday wishes :)

  7. Chaitu...
    Taken many lessons of Life from you...nice to feel as your frnd.Thanks a lot for the wondeful wishes

    Urs ever-

  8. baagundhayya ... baagundhi.. mee friendship ni blogs roopam lo publish cheyatam baagane undhi.. anni baagane gurthunayanamaata nenu thappa... mmmmm... chepthanundu... vasthav kadha hyd...

  9. hi vijay..

    Plz collect ur award frm my blog ..:)


  10. Kutty alias Hyma- How can I forget you? Come on yar... keep cool.. :) Thanks for your time here...

  11. Pramoda- Thanks for your award.. :) Proud to receive it from you..

    Pratibha alias Chinnu- M excited to know that you have found innocence in my voice, which releived your tensions.
    Thanks for the assurance that you have given me- being at my end in all moments. I take your words and happy to see the joy you have felt in my company.... :)