Sunday, September 13, 2009

The pain of Separation

There are some people in our lives who are part of our day to day activities. It may be office spouse; our boss; friends; parents; lover etc... We converse with them daily and in a way they influence our lives. We may not feel their importance when we are with them daily. We begin to feel the pinch when we don't interact with them for at least one day. We miss them very badly. They are in away absorbed into our diary and definitely occupy some part of it.

When a soldier leaves his family on duty, it’s very hard for his family to digest the fact that he is going to stay away from them. They know that he is going to fight with danger, yet it is his responsibility. Their feeling of separation is subdued by the thought, that he is putting his life at stake for the sake of our country.

When two lovers are separated from each other, the pain they experience is inexplicable. Though they are separated, they always think about each other. Their hearts are tied with the bond of Love. You can never eliminate each other from their thoughts. They leave an indelible mark in each other lives.

When a child goes for higher education to a distant place, its hard for the mother to bear the pain of separation. Though they are separated temporarily, each others company can never be replaced. A mother is the best company for a child and vice-verse. Knowing that her child is going for a better future, the mother digests the feeling of separation.

I have been acquainted with two persons who are a part and parcel of my daily life. I converse with them daily before going to office. Later, when I come back from my office they are there for me to shed away my office burden by sharing some light moments. Yes, they are my roomies- Sandy and Chaitu. I started realizing their importance first, when Sandy told me suddenly that he got transferred to Hyderabad. Later after some point of time Chaitu informed me that he is also going to get transferred to Hyd. Oh my God! What is this? Why is it happening all of a sudden? I felt sick, realising the fact that after few days they won’t be there to share some light moments. The feeling of separation, started pinching me.

Couple of months back when I was released from my project, I had a conversation with my on- site business counterpart- Cindy.

Cindy: Vijay! Its hard for me to digest the fact that you are released from our domain. I am very sad.

Me: I am also sad to leave you Cindy.... Anyways, they would appoint someone to replace me.

Cindy: Persons may come and go Vijay. But, its hard to build relationship. You have been doing good until now. I never know whoz gonna come but I am gonna miss you.

I had memorable time with these friends. Those dinners in restaurants; mid night B’day celebrations; playing on the seashore ; shouting in the room while watching cricket matches; hanging around in shopping malls and movie theatres... blah..... blah.... We have been together for about two years. All of a sudden, its happening for me. All those wonderful moments are going to be stolen from my dairy. To reiterate Cindy’s words; though I may be acquainted with new persons, no one can replace these two friends.

Sandy and Chaitu- You are like my two eyes. I remember telling you these words. I am very sad that our memories going to be thrown to the warehouse. I am going to miss you a lot. I wish you all the best on your next assignments.

I dedicate this post to you folks...!!!


  1. Very well written ...and a lovely dedication to your roomies vijju.!

    Pain of Separation something which visits me often..! I found your lines so similar to what i'm going thru..Yeah ..No one can replace them ..Eventually this pain en flowers into memories deep down in your heart that eases the pain ...
    In my case it strengthened the bond ,may be i took it that it is inevitable and regular for me..:D..


  2. Thanks for your words Vyshu.
    'They' are there with me but 'they' won't be there with me as days roll by... My daily calender is going to be changed all of a sudden...

  3. ** All those wonderful moments are going to be stolen from my dairy.

    lovelyyy way to express..

    Vijay, the relations about whom u spoke about in the initial past of this post deserve my every clap..soo good..i too felt them, when i stayed in hostel, and the earlier one as well..:)

    and roommates...ahhh..what not u have express before him, having been stayed for almost two years together...i can understand how exactly u feel now ..but it is the way one must enjoy the beauty of life..:)

    very nice post ..and a lovelyy dedication..all the best to them and to u as well..

  4. avunu vijay exactly.pain kooda bharinchalekunda chaduvuthunnanthasepu andaru kalla mundu kadilaru.(uncle,friends,relatives,pillalandaru yevariethey dooran ga unnaro andaru)manam anukuntaamu vijay kaani antha manathotey untaaru.great blog vijay.

  5. Latha aunty- I am sorry if I have troubled you. Its interesting to know that you remembered everyone reading through my post....
    You are 100% true.. tx for your words..

  6. Memories to cherish.I think this is y they say life is short and at last we will have only few relations left.

  7. yes Ramana... your words reminds me of a song from Chakram movie- Jaamantha Kutumbam naadi; Ekaaki jeevitham naadi... :)

  8. Prams- Thanks for your encouragement. Those words came out spontaneously. Good to know that it came out well. I have imported all my posts into our company's blog site. Many readers are visiting my page. Good to see some people always visiting my page... 95% are anonymous readers whom I don't know... By their frequency of visits I can understand the interest that they show on my posts.
    One fellow commented me to write more and more love stories... More and more love stories??? Challenging task- but I will.. one of that sort is in pause; thinking of climax...

    Yet, I need to send my blog URL to many of my frens.. most of them donno that I have started blogging....

    Well- Keep rocking- Thanks for everything..:)