Monday, August 24, 2009

Change is what we need....

Its surprising to hear that $1500 bn of black money from India is lying out there in the Swiss banks. I have no words to express, the moment I heard this news. This shows the level of corruption that is running around the current system that we have in India. I really don't know if the flaw is within the system or within us. We, the people of India have to realize the current situation. Itseems that this is nearly ten times the annual budget of India.

The questions that are lingering at this point of time are- How is that much money flowing out of India illegally? Who are the persons, escaping from the clutches of the tax system? Can Indian government bring home that money? Well, these seem to be billion dollar questions for the billion dollar amount.

Its interesting to know that people are very well aware of the level of corruption that is prevailing. Now and then people from film industry come up with movies which are thought provoking. We see movies that expose the government officials who are very much corrupted. Some movies depict the rich exploiting the poor; some showing the rich storing black money out of the country. Yes, we can go on and on like that. People just watch the movie and come out. An Aparichithudu (Anniyan), a Sivaji, a Tagore, a Stalin and the latest one to do the rounds is Mallanna (Kanthaswamy)- I can guarantee that if there are hundreds of such movies going to come in the future, the situation is not going to change. In one of these movies, we come to know how developed are Hiroshima and Nagasaki today. Be it economy, education, infrastructure, industrial etc, they are far developed than India currently.

Is it the system that is to be changed or is it 'we' the people of India who needs to change? Well, this an open ended question. There are three aspects of change- Culture, People, Processes. These three are interdependent as shown below:

Finally, these are the questions that need to be answered;

What aspects of change need to be taken care?

Up to what extent these aspects needs to be mended?

How this is going to be achieved?


  1. vijay blog chala bagundi.impliment chesthey inka baguntundi.yevariki vaallu manakendukuley anukuntaaru.kaani yevaro okaru start cheyyali kada.adi meerey yenduku kakudadu?okkasaari aalochinchi choodandi.yesssssss meerey modalu adey all the best vijay.

  2. HI Vijay,

    You have explored in nicely. Yeah, hundreds of movies may not make the difference, but the people who are grtting inspired from those will do it for sure.

    How many of us remember not to spit on a road side, or not to drink in train, or not to give unhealthy food in trains, not to supply the motor bykes which are in pathetic condition, even after watching the Movie Aparichith..??

    How many of us refrain to give money in the government offices, or how many of the governnment employees stopped taking bribe after watching the movie Tagore...??

    Our energy is getting consumed to clap or dance along with chiranjeevi/or any other actor in the theater. its just wasted in watching the movie twice, thrice, and N number of times.

    My intention is not that people shall enjoy the movie, but it should be utilized in a proper way. It is up to us how we utilize the film industry to make people aware of the facts..its up to us how we inspire ourselves aftre watching a movie..

    the two hour zest that generally comes after watching tehse kind of movies is not the one which can improve India, it is the regular practice of the same.

    I hope we do it in a better way..:)


  3. Fundamentally those three are very dependent. There is no process or culture without people and there is no culture without process. I don't know why every one starts saying that India should change and compare with US. India and US are two different nations and unique in their nature. If you say corruption is high in India, its the case with every other nation. There are many best features India has encapsulated in itself.

    I accept the fact that there should be change in every thing, change is must for every one so for India as well, otherwise things will fall as we are living in a magnetic field :).There's an interesting saying which always surprises me. "The current generation always think that they are better than previous generations."

    I know what u mean by "Change is what we need" and its been told by many other people. I appreciate that you took time to think of all these things and come up with a formulation. I have two simple questions for you.
    1)Did you sacrifice anything till now for this change ?
    2)Do you know what do you have to do personally to make this change happen?

    If you haven't thought of these two questions, then your blog is like any other movie you have mentioned which I hope is not, sorry to say about this...

    All this culture, process, traditions are bullshit because every one knows each of the above things have got terrible flaws but then why do any one want to stick to them. Do whatever makes you happy and whichever makes you comfortable, why do you want to do things for the sake of doing them. Did you ever took a step to change your family first ??

    As far as I see, there is only one problem. "Treat every other person equally and with humanity." This is not the problem in India alone, its a global problem and every nation should solve this.

  4. Latha aunty- Yes... Implement chesthe inka baaguntundi.. I have started doing things which are in my reach.. Every individual can contribute within their reach, for the change...

    Pramoda- Yes it would be better that we take back something from the messgae oriented movies and implement in our lives.

    Babu- First of all thanks for your valuable time on my blog. I agree with most of your points... All the things are dependent and that is the meaning of the picture that I have shown to you. Yet, if you can see the picture there is some portion of all these aspects that are independent and thus there is a possibility to mend these in that direction.
    Well, coming to me. Yes, I and my family are contributing to this change, whatever is in our reach. I take all your comments and brick bats whatever you may call them... :)
    Whatever I have listed down is a possibility for bringing out change and I don't say this is the universal rule to be followed.
    Yes, this is not the problem 'only' in India. But then, why is this much level of corruption taking place in India? That is my main concern.
    On the ouset, I don't mean to degrade the current system in India. I am proud of my country. We can make India the top among the developing nations, if we reduce such level of corruption in India.- This is my intension.

  5. Nice for taking my comments positively. I was fed up with the people who just talk and I am very happy to know that you are not one among them :)
    Glad that your family is also working on this.

    I presume you know me, if not I am Sudheer who studied with you some time back :)

  6. I can say one thing here,the things started because of our system,process n people all 3,but which is 1st,i feel the process and system cant be changed overnight,so it it the people who is responsible for this,so they are the one who can revive,but changes should perhaps come at the mindset of the people who r giving n taking the bribe or who r accumulating black money and which is not shown for tax,but with all the change in all the people also it wont help,because our minds don't have long patience to stand to changes we made to our principles,our needs also cant wait.So when can this change come,it has come in the system and process.Technological implementation in all the places where public interaction to public servants,not only this,when every transaction is recorded,for every concern raised there is some one responsible,and to have people who can ask responsible when they are irresponsible,along with the changes comes the 100% literacy.A strong court of law where no loop holes,with quick processing,realization by souls,Tracking of every penny spent for the public,which can be known to all among public,this is where centralization comes in,.I feel a move forward this way can help to reduce the so called black money.Govt can always change,so we wanted some one to handle this,the most committed.

  7. Sudheer- OMG..!! are you R.Sudheer Babu??? Surprised to know that. Yes, I do know you boss. What a small world this is... Thanks for your time and I do hope to see your comments on other posts if you have read through... Thanks again buddy..... :)

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  9. Hi ra Vijay, first of all I have to appreciate you for starting the topic & writing something about such a topic; more than anything else, its good to know that you are thinking about it.

    And again as Sudheer & few others pointed out, though we need to analyze the current situation, study the past and study the culture, the focus in my view,should be on our duties; i.e., what we need to DO in order to bring about a change.

    Instead of cribbing & fretting about corruption, politics & stuff, we have to do things ourselves

    First, the change should be from within, then setting an example by deeds & then ad-vocation of ideas. Before venturing into bigger activities such as politics, we need to set a an example of a good citizen, we need to provide other Indians, our fellow beings with inspirations and examples, only then we can make a difference on a bigger scale.

    We need to retrospect and question ourselves: How many of us do basic things needed in a democracy sincerely? to point out a few: not throwing garbage in public, on roads, trains etc.,? following queues? waiting for & knowing the standard procedures in govt offices instead of bribing politicians? following road-rules? saving water,fuels? protecting envt.? how about our duty towards increasing literacy in India? how about studying govt projects, policies and raising concerns? how about voting responsibly? how about visiting govt institutions and contributing and analyzing? how about increasing awareness about population control?

    I'm sure there will be a myriad of such questions, but what matters is the ANSWERS to them. How we are able to contribute and what difference are we able to make. Good thing is that there are many initiatives which were started and do good stuff. Our friend Ram Mohan, is part of one such initiative and if you are interested, check this out: