Saturday, August 15, 2009

Innovation at its peak- Bay Decoration Contest for Aug 15th

Context: Aug 15- Independence Day
Theme: India in 2020
Team: LN, VJ, Anu, Balaji, Suha, Vidya
Team Name: TN 74 A 2020

To start with, there is an old saying: It is better to fail in originality rather than to get success through imitation. We had a bay decoration contest with the theme as depicting India, in 2020. This seems to be a good concept to decorate our bays for Independence day. Thanks to the talent management folks for conducting this event. Well, to reiterate the proverb- we didn't want to decorate the bay in a normal fashion. We thought of mixing the context to the theme. We started brain storming around the theme and many ideas hit our minds. And, the credit goes to LN. He suggested for the design of mobile work station. The innovation started while coining the team name itself. It is TN 74 A 2020.

TN 74 A 2020
TN- Tamil Nadu
74- In the year 2020, India celebrates 74th Independence Day
A- Aetna (Name of our Account, which is a Health care giant in US)
2020- The year

Mobile Workstation erases the concept of onsite and offshore model. It is the highest level of business transformation in corporate India. People won't need to go to a separate place and work. Of course, we see this concept in US currently. The idea is to depict the advanced level of living, in India. The so called mobile work station encompasses all the things that you need for living and working. The number plate, headlights, indicator lights would be greeting the people. We took out the front parts of table fan and to make our work station mobile (i.e.) the wheels. The interesting and exciting part is the various things that are found in the bay. To depict the development of India in 2020, we pasted news papers and pictures on the walls.

>A drawing on chart, showing India and Pakistan united. It contains a map wherein India and Pakistan are united into a single country named Youngistan.
>An advertisement from government, recruiting young professionals into politics. Qualifications- Any bachelor's degree from a reputed university with minimum age 24 and retirement age at 52. The screening process will include a written test followed by an interview. Vision for India- to be telecasted live on Doordarshan. Performance compensation and more details awaited.
>Abdul Kalam- The UN Secretary General wishes the people of Youngistan, on their 74th Independence Day.
>Lakshmi Narayanan (Current Cognizant Vice Chairman), the president of Youngistan to deliver the Independence Day speech from 8AM.
>Nandan Nilekani,the prime minister of Youngistan takes two more young professionals into the cabinet.
>A chart showing currency conversion rate as heading and a silver screen. What's behind the silver screen? Oh my GOD!! $10 note = Rs.10 note
>Secularism- There no question of Secularism in 2020. There is no more caste and religion. A day before the Independence Day, Nilekani’s government abolishes caste system. We are all one and we are will be one. There is only unity and no diversity.
>Sachin lifts the 10- 10 world cup. He scores a 50 in the final. He plans to open innings, with his son Arjun in the next match. Rahul Dravid, Youngistan's coach applauds the team members on winning the 10-10 World Cup.
>India surges ahead of other developed nations. Allocations to health care and primary education to be 40% of GDP.
>Bharti and Nokia launch new service for people holding National ID Card. Pay through Nokia micro-touch watch and get 2000 minutes top up absolutely free.

Equipment in the mobile work station
>Micro touch Television (Monitor)
>Radar (Made out of chart)
>Multipurpose Door (An almirah) alias Bed O’Corner - Contains racks, pillow, bed for sleeping; >Oxygen Supplier; Heater; Cooler; RTM- Room Temperature Maintainer.
>Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Tablets (Dusters wrapped up with decoration papers)- Each have difference in variation of the energy output when eaten.
>Fluid Tap (Mouse is left hanging)- Left Click for soft drink; Right click for hot drink; scroller for water.
>Projector Screen (Curtain)
>Laser Projector (Dog Doll)- Indicates the improvement of technology, that the systems have become too compact. This redefines the concept of nano technology in the products that we use daily.
>Owen; Refrigerator; Wardrobe; Storage Space; Power back up; Solar Energy Saver; Emergency Exit.

And, here are the features of our mobile work station controller (the printer):
20,000 CC
Intake is air; generates water
Solar driven for back up
15 gears
Pick up: 0 to 120km in 3seconds
Automatic Climate Controller
Maximum Speed on road is 300kmph
Maximum Speed on air is 900kmph
Maximum Speed on water is 200kmph
1000KW Backup

We have stuck some extracts from newspapers.
THE TIMES OF TAMILNADU May15, 2015- Vikram’s son eagerly awaiting the release of Kandhaswamy
THE HINDU Nov28, 2018- Literacy Rate in India is at 99.95%
THE TIMES OF TAMILNADU Dec25, 2019- The BRTS between Tirumailai and Velachery is inaugurated (BRTS- Boat Route Transport System. Velachery is a place in Chennai which gets easily flooded, whenever there is a rainfall.)
THE TIMES OF HYDERABAD Jan26, 2020- Vijay Kanamarlapudi elected as Chief Minister of Hyderabad ( Oh my God!! LN is too crazy. He made me the chief minister of Hyderabad in 2020. Here the concept is- People in Telangana region of AP are fighting for a separate state. So, in 2018 Telangana will be announced as a separate state. In 2020, Hyderabad also will be announced as a separate state.)
IT CHRONICLE May2, 2020- Cognizant head count reaches 2.5 lakhs.

Disclaimer: All the pictures displayed are purely not intentional. It’s not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

When the judges came to visit our bay, they were spell bound listening to our concept. If decoration is one stage, the way we presented to the judges is another step. Here again credit goes to LN, who leaded our team with his astounding presentation.

And, guess what…. We have won the second prize…!!!

Here are some pictures that I have managed to capture, before everything is plucked out... :)


  1. hey Vijay,

    First of all happy independence day, belated.

    And ur innovation was extraordinarily good and u know i wish some of those to be done before 2020..the educated ppl in awaiting those moments..and 10-10 world cup, achin's 50...oh my goodness, i wish i will watch that match..and he is capable..

    And yar, by 2020 it would be india's 71st independence day elebrations. and you know what, i sincerely wish that andhra pradesh will not be divided by then..hope u will become CM of Andhra pradesh ..All the best..and then remember this little lady..:)

    literacy percentage 99.95%...Superb... :)

    Vijay, it was a nice read, i was enjoying most of the part..wish india will become like this or even better than this the other day..

    congratulations to u and ur team..u have done a very good job..

    Keep up the good work..:)

  2. Hey... u have changed the template..:) good.. actually i have opened ur page last night and went on some work later i read in the same template and tried to post a comment, then this popped up..i thought i may have written comment in another blog..heheh..

    one suggestion, may be u can chnage the left side pane font colour from yellow to some thing else..

    Good job.

  3. Thanks Pramoda.... Almost all those news and events are coined by LN,Balaji,Anu... A team work I would say. I have just listed down all the things that we have decorated with.... :) And, even its LN's idea that made me CM as young professionals will be ruling the nation in 2020.
    Yes yar, its 74th Independence day in 2020..... This year it is 63rd one.

    Well, I have made the changes accordingly and let me know if this template is appealing... Thanks for everything yaar... :) Good to see your comments here for a budding blogger like me... ;)

  4. Hello Vijju...even i thought to post a blog on the experience of Bay decoration at my team. You posted it before me.:(
    I will post mine very shortly.

    WOW Vijju...ur concepts are really rocking!!!
    my favourite one is the imagination of a fluid tap using a mouse(it was something very different). U as CM in 2020...hahaha? Oii...the concept was about DEVELOPMENT of India...not about DESTROYMENT of India. ;)

    Mom's comments on ur Blog:
    Mom enjoyed reading ur blog.
    Mom was wondering that we won't be preparing food in 2020 at all...just take tablets during lunch n dinner...she is asking to think of a technology that will kill the hunger then we need not take tablets also. :P

    She has started the countdown for those days to come soon!!! :)
    Try implementing these from now onwards do that they come LIVE in's suggestion.

  5. Yes Pratibha..!! Many of these seems to be interesting and makes us think that it should happen really for a better India at that time. Well its all left to us, we the citizens of India- How we take it forward and mind it, its the responsibility of each and every citizen to excel an provide ones own contribution to the development of our country. At this point of time I remember an old saying- 'All's well, that ends well' So if everything goes well,many of the developments listed out on this post will come true. And, I pray to God for that day to come.

    Thanks to you and Mom for spending time here to understand my intentions and definitely I will contribute my part.

    He yaar... All my posts are now available on our channelone site. You can share the same to some of your freinds and if you wanna have a look in office hours, what so matter it may be.....
    Well, I am waiting to see your post regarding your bay decoration.

    Kudos to Mom and you...:)

  6. Hey Vijay,

    I loved the new look ..its very appealing and pleasant..!

    Creativity at its best all i can say ..:)
    It reminded me of our decoration memories..We were given a concept as "Future Schools "..

    Cheers to your team !I was awe struck at your team and their work ..:)

    Keep Going

    PS: pls upload few pics if you have any...wud love to see ..:)

  7. Hi Vyshu- Thank you...
    I have kept some pics of the decoration. And mind it- its not my bay. We have selected a specific place to suit our concept- Mobile workstation.
    Its good see that different people loved various aspects of the decoration.On the whole we have invested a lot in thinking and putting up relavant things. We haven't taken care of the flashy items- If we had kept some more falshy items we would have even grabbed the first prize.

    Here our investments is Rs. 0/-
    Oh one more concept out here (i.e)reusablity- Using the things whatever is available to us within the workplace.... :)

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