Monday, July 27, 2009


First Relative In Every New Difficulty

This sounds to be a familiar definition of a friend. Yes, it seems to be very true way of defining it. A very special relationship that holds many of us in our lives. There is no one on this earth without a friend. Knowingly or unknowingly friends influence our Life. It is due to them, that we are in the current situation. We share many of our personal experiences (either good or bad) with them and pull them to our comfort zones. They make an indelible mark in our diaries.

Friends add color to our Life and thereby enhance the beauty in it.

Friends pour in enthusiasm when we are alone.

Friends give a value add to our very presence.

Friends give us strength when we are experiencing crests in Life.

Friends add flavour to the atmosphere that we are in.

Friends share with us, our happiest moments.

Friends digest with us, our sad moments.

Friends are like a catalyst to enhance our performance in career.

Friends are like lifelines when we have no options.

I would say that friendship is a gift given by God to make our life beautiful. Imagine yourself without friends- I know that the very thought is disgusting. If there are some persons whom we can't erase from our lives, (apart from our family members) definitely it is our friends. As years roll by, we may get in touch with new people always. But, if we sit and look back at the years passed by, we feel very happy about the sweet memories. The memorable school days, college days can never be replaced by any other best chapters in our life. When we enter into corporate field, the days during our training are also interesting. Those training days are the best ones in our career through our job.

One more important thing is that we should accept our friends 'as they are'. Its very important in strengthening the relationship and to avoid any misunderstanding.

To those who supported me in need;
To those who held out their hand at me when I am down;
To those who encouraged me when I am disgusted;
To those whom I shared with, my sorrows;
To those who helped to shape my career;
To those who laid the foundation to my success stories;
To those who are emotionally close to my heart;
To those who are in some way responsible for what I am today - I dedicate this post you. I wish all my Friends a very Happy Friendship Day.


  1. Hai Vijay,

    Thanks for ur wishes and i wish u a very happy friendship day...

    Life without friends is unexpectable.. They share our moments and are the most rmemberable at times... And the school days and college days, Hmm.. beutiful ones of every one's life..

    Thanks for ur sweet dedication..:)

    Happy Friendship Day!!!

  2. Hii Vijji.. Happy friendship day!!
    One of the good posts I have read these days!!
    Truely touching and makes me remember all of my friends and dear ones right from my school...

  3. I have no word to express in this post..No comments..

  4. Hello have composed very Beautiful lines for defining a Friend.This Blog reminds me of the memorable days we spend it in de beach or B'day or shopping or celebration on footpath or weekend visits !!!

    You presented a memorable gift on ths Frndship Day. Proud to have you as my Frnd.

    HaPpY FrIenDshIp Day ra...Take care

  5. Pramoda- I welcome your comments and yes, you got my concept...
    Vamsi- Nice to hear that from you.. hope to see you here on every post.
    Sarath- I hope that your heart is filled with affection nd joy... that made you speechless.. ;)
    Pratibha- Yes.. its my gift and thnks for your words Chinnu.... :)

  6. Lovely & Surreal ..!

    I'm Always endeared by friendship especially one that opens windows to much bigger world...:)


    Thanks for making mine a little brighter...Happy Friendship Day ..!

  7. really friendship day roju manchi gift ichhavu vijay friends andariki.hats off vijay.

  8. Vyshu- Good to know the dedication you show to friendship.
    Latha aunty- Mee comment ikkada choodatam, chaala happyga vundi.Thnks aunty.. Yes, friendship is one of the relations that I give utmost importance.

  9. In simple beautiful and reminding of my 1st relatives

  10. Hmmm Ramana.. Good to know that boss...

  11. Vijju..

    Its Awesome Dude...

    If there are some persons whom we can't erase from our life... it is friend... Heart touching...True

    Happy Friendship Day

  12. Hey Suresh... thanks for that...:)