Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yet, its not done...!

"Life is a stage where everyone has a role to play", as said by Shakespeare and there goes the name of the blog. Its pretty surprising to see things around us changing very soon. Three years after my graduation when I look back, I have lot of stuff to carry throughout my life. We never know what is going to happen. We expect to do something and sometimes land up in doing something else.

Four years back I have attended an interview, for a job in an MNC. The person who recruited me asked only one question- "Tell me about yourself!" Well I told him about me, for about half an hour. I have faced the person with an open mind. The result is that I am one of the best performers. I didn't even imagine that I can get an eligibility to earn my bread and butter by one question. All through my graduation, I have gone through many downs. The only ups that I have, are the appreciation certificates that I received on the college annual day. A thought that is always ringing in my mind is- Whatever happens will happen. I am destined to this role. I have to give my best.

I have entered the MNC with a closed mind. I am trained on a technology which is completely unknown to me. Yet, I have learned it without much difficulty. Hey, its Mainframes. Two months of training is like playing a game. Its one of the best trainings I have ever attended. I can say that those days can be put into my store of 'Happy Days'. I am put into an application oriented testing project after my training. In the project, I am not applying the knowledge that I have gained in training. " What is the need? Why am I trained on this technology? Why did you put me into an application oriented project? First of all, Can you out me into a Data Warehousing project?"- These are the questions running through my mind. I wanted to shout at my project lead. I have come to a point of realisation. Man proposes but God disposes. I have to accept the reality and move on.

Nine months down the lane, I came to know that there are never ending releases for the project that I am working on. Finally I had a conversation with my project load regarding my work. I asked him to release me from that project and allocate me some other project where I can do some innovative stuff. Its literally like the climax conversation in the movie Bommarillu. Believe me, I repeated almost the similar dialogues in my context. The final result is that they didn't want to release me form that project. Their decision is against my thoughts. Oh God! What is this? Why is this happening to me? If this is your decision, then I abide by it. But, give me the strength and courage to undergo this.

After few weeks I felt like- God sees the truth but waits. My prayers are heard and my project lead and manager proposed me to the client, for a new role. Its the Business Analyst role. My Lead, told me that is will be different from what folks do in development and testing. I thought that it will be better that I take up the offer so as to come out of the current as soon as possible. Finally I started working as a Business Analyst till date. By the time I am writing this blog, I am done with my second allocation as a B.A. Now I am waiting for my third allocation. I know that there is lot more in store for me. Lets wait and see what's going to happen.

What am I graduated in? - Electrical Engineering
Where am I working?- With an software MNC
What am I trained on?- Mainframes
What is my first allocation after training?- Application oriented testing
What is the nature of my current work?- Business Analyst role

Looking at the five questions that are listed above, I don't think you see any relation between each of the answers. Each and every answer is in some way different from the other. At the time of writing this blog, I felt like Shakespeare's saying has a lot of meaning into it. This is my realization: We may not get everything that we want in Life. But whatever we do and wherever we are, we have to give our best. We can't halt at one stage and worry about what has happened. We have to move on, until we reach our destination.


  1. Hai Vijay,

    I've seen ppl getting disappointed fr working in s/w field, having been graduates in core area. i'm impressed with ur positive outlook at ur work... keep it up.

    We get what we deserve, not what we desire unless you keep on working for our desire.

    have a nice day

  2. emi cheppavu ra.... niku BA role correct ra... sarey gani third allocation emi expect chestunnavu ra...

  3. Hi Pramoda,

    "That's the way I like it"... :) Heard this song?..... ha ha ha.... M just kiddin.
    Anyways thanks for your valuable comment. It pours encouragement to me and brings life to my thoughts.
    And, I agree to your quote. Its true yaar...

  4. Hello Vishnu,
    I feel the same boss... This role is apt for me. I am really loving it. I am not given a new allocation. Currently, I expect that something better is out there waiting for me. Lets see how it goes... :)

  5. Hey Vijay...

    Its very good that u have taken in the positive way what ever u got and showed ur best..
    I agree that BA role is very well suits for you..-:)
    Keep rocking...

  6. Thanks Ramana... Now, Mak is back.... :)
    I am again working as a Business Analyst after a couple of weeks in testing... Well dancing between two engagements for a while gave a lotta time for me to spend time with office buddies.... ;)