Sunday, June 7, 2009

My First Interview

Interview- We will be very much familiar with this word. This word makes many of us excited. We will be having some experiences to share when it is the topic of discussion. All of us might have gone through the experience of having been interviewed and some of course, interviewing others. Well, I am going to share my experience which falls into the first slot mentioned above.
As already mentioned, this is the first interview that I have attended in my Life. My trainer has high belief and confidence in me. He thinks that I will be the best one among the contestants. I am very much thankful to him for having such faith in me. He has groomed me well. He is the person who provided me all the necessary resources to do well in the interview. Frankly speaking- I myself don't know about the process. I don't know what an interview is all about (because this is the first one for me). I didn't know regarding this process until I was supposed to undergo one. So, the credit here goes to my trainer who provided me all the necessary information.
Its noteworthy to mention at this point of time that the interview that I am going to attend is going to decide my career. These are not my words, but those of my trainer. I have prepared well for the interview. Since day one, my trainer told me that I will go through this process, I have worked hard. I prepared well for all the probable questions that would be asked. I am not sure whether I will get through or not. But, I prepared well. My strength is- Hard work (which gave me confidence); Support from trainer; Mom and Dad's love; belief in God. Having all these in my kitty, I have completely forgotten that I am going to attend to the first interview of my Life.

Alas ! The day has come finally. We all generally call it as the D-Day. Of course, it is the judgement day for all my effort. My Mom woke me up at five 'o clock, early morning. The place of the interview is located at about forty kilometres from my house. Dad has told me that we have to start early, so that there will be no huss and buss at the last moment. After all he is the one who is more worried about my career, rather than me. Mom has made things ready for me and Dad. She has given me the tonic to do well (i.e) her kiss.
Dad and I have set out on our so called expedition. We have reached the place of interview an hour before the scheduled time. They have conducted a written test. This would be basis for the final selections. I have gone through the written test comfortably.Next is the interview.
I have been thinking about the questions to be asked in the interview. There are quite a good number of persons waiting to perform their skills. My Dad is sitting beside me. He is looking keenly into my eyes. He is whispering in my ear- You will be the best performer out of all. You have my blessings always. Believe in your knowledge, believe yourself. You can do it. These words are ringing in my mind. Finally my name is announced.
The interview facilitator has told us that each aspirant can be accompanied by one guardian inside the room. Dad came in along with me. I have faced the interview quite well. Dad is proud of me. The interviewer seems to be very much satisfied by my answers and the score that I have got in the written test. There is a hidden smile in his face. I know the meaning for that. Finally the results are out displayed on the notice board.

Trainer- School Teacher
Interviewer- Principal
Place of Interview- School for which I am seeking admission
Aim- To get admitted to 3rd standard
Age- Seven yrs

The school principal is surprised to see me. It is because, I am just two feet tall. I am top scorer in the written test that is conducted earlier. Moreover he is very much convinced after talking to me. He has told Dad that if he hasn't seen the written test performance,he would have admitted me into 1st standard.
The first two years, I have studied in an elementary school. There are no proper amenities in our native. My teacher suggested to my Dad that my future will be secure if I get admitted into a public school.
I have seen tears in my Mom's eyes, when I told her that I got admission into a public school. There are two reasons for those tears- One is for my success and the other is that at a very tender age I am going to stay away from her (in a hostel). So, I have been staying away from home from the age of seven.
This is my first interview that I have attended in my Life.


  1. Macha......Nice narration and good reminiscence of your childhood memories....Proved urself smart frm childhood itself..

  2. Thanks Chaitu... I thought that this experience is a good one to start with and so it came out... I promise you many more out of my deck... :)
    So, watch out for updates on this page.

  3. Nice one vijay...Keep going...

  4. Hey vijay ..simply super..Hope you will write your complete biography..All the best

  5. @Usha- thanks akka

    @ Sarath- I don't promise you the whole biography... but a few tid bits are guarenteed.. :))

  6. I would rather put it as autobiography.... ;-)

  7. it's really good.
    u well defined ur first shows ur attitude, creativity....

  8. Thanks Mahi... I have just written whatever happened to me.. :)

  9. it's really Nice, recollected my childhood sweet memories while reading this ..keep it up. .. have a glorious future..


  10. Hi vijay ...

    welcome to the blogger world...

    Have a happy blogging :)

    By the way, ur first post was awesome and had every thing in it.


    Keep expressing


  11. Damn good Vijay… So creative… though it was a real experience, noone would think about to narrate it in this way… Nice one..!

    Recollected my old memories …

    Keep going :-)

  12. Ravi,Prams, Nithya- Thanks for your comments and visit this page for more blogs in the future...

  13. Hey Vijay
    I was curiously reading ur first interview blog,I thought it was ur first job interview..and when reading the reality part i was amazed,it was simple but the way u narrated shows ur creativity

    It was Awesome...ill b waiting to read more..

    Vijaya Bhaskar
    (in the class roll numbers next to urs from 6th to 10th std:))

  14. Hi Vijju..

    Cool cool .. :D

    And here's a toast to vijju welcoming to Blog ville.

    Loved the way u brought out the post...waiting fr more posts..!


  15. Hey vijay,

    Its really cool man.

    Even i heard this story from u. But when i was reading i thought it was an untelling story.. :)
    The way u narrated ur story is very good. I like it..

    Keep Rocking and keep posting..


  16. @ Vijay Bhakar- Good to hear from you after almost a decade... I am excited to see your comment. Thanks for that dude

    @Vyshu- Yes. This is just my beginning and many more to come out from the store. I promise you that.. :)

    @Anil- Oh... Gotcha.. I remember telling this to you. This is one out of many that I told you.. :D

  17. What a way to kick start blogging man,Keep rocking.Seems like u have long way to go as a blogger.

  18. Ramana- Well, every journey starts with a single step. And, this is of that sort.... Yes, I am just started and a long way to go and lotta things to be learnt...