Monday, June 8, 2009

When I met her.... Part I

It is the first year of my graduation. Just a couple of months have passed on from the college reopening day. We are just about to be buried in the seriousness of the engineering subjects. It's totally a new atmosphere. New friends, new environment, new classrooms, new subjects and totally a new life. We are just tuning to the frequency of the engineering life. By then, I am acquainted with at least half our class members. Or, I would rather say half of the boys in our class.

Oh! I forgot to say this- Stepping into graduation, I have entered into another new experience. It's the co-education. I haven't studied with girls until my plus two. I really didn't know how to react, if any girl talks to me. Getting acquainted with a girl is a tough thing for me. I have never talked to any of them for about two months. Ahh... We have the so called labs- Physics lab; Chemistry lab; Computer Science lab etc. In those labs people are divided into groups. Each group is asked to work on a single experiment. Yes, during that period I have started talking to them slowly.

Well, within few weeks I came to know a few of them. Within due course of time I am acquainted with each and everyone in the classroom (boys and girls). In the beginning, there is no interaction between boys and girls. Later on as the days rolled by, the class would be a fish market if the lecturer is absent. Believe me, it is worse than a fish market. We are asked to sit according to our roll numbers due to miscellaneous reasons. Moreover boys and girls are seated separately. My place is next to girls' column. We are going to celebrate the birthday of one of our friend. Nine of the girls and fifteen of the boys agreed to stay back on Saturday. Hey, don't forget me. I am one among the fifteen boys. Here comes the meeting place.

Saturday classes seem to be very boring. We are all waiting for the first birthday gathering, in our graduation. It has been decided to celebrate in the class room itself, after the college hours. The time has come. Those who wanted to leave home have vacated the room. It is Shravan's (name changed) day. Shravan is blowing the candles on the cake with a lot of enthusiasm. He distributed the pieces of cake. We are having the snacks that we have ordered along with the cake. People are having fun, cracking jokes on others, belittling the lecturers in the college. One of us asked the birth dates of all the other girls present there. In turn, they are asking our birth dates. Finally, Shravan prepared a list of DOB's of the girls and among the girls, She noted all the DOB's of the boys.

Her name is Swetha (name changed). I didn't speak with her one on one until now. Taking the list from Swetha, I am reading out all the dates. Suddenly I noticed that my name is missed out. May 18th is my birth date. Then I have come to know that none of the others DOB is same as mine. I can see May18th in the list, but there is a different name written against it. I have sensed something fishy is happening. Swetha has written MP against May18th.

Swetha! You are the one who noted the names rite.
Yes Vijay.
What is this MP, buddy? May 18th is my DOB. Is there someone by the name MP. I think you have missed out my name.
No. I know that May18th is your birth day. You are MP.
Come on. What do you mean by that. Is there a nick name for me? What does it stand for?
All the other girls in the class suddenly burst into laughter. Oh yeah! Here is the solution. These folks are hiding something.

To be continued in Part II.... Stay glued for the main episode...


  1. Hey vijay, very nice blog with excellent narration..Keep writing such nice blogs. Pichhekinchu..

  2. Thanks Vinnu.. look at the partII... that holds the main content.

  3. hi vijay, it's also very nice tale.....